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Nestled amid the great plains of the American Midwest, South Dakota is a state revered for its picturesque landscapes and rich historical heritage. However, beyond its natural beauty and historical landmarks, the state also features options for engaging in an intriguing aspect of contemporary recreation — gambling.

The Mount Rushmore state has a vibrant gambling scene, hosting over 35 land-based casinos — a mix of commercial and tribal establishments. Among other Vegas-style games, poker tournaments are another important feature at some of these places.

However, when it comes to online iterations of the game, South Dakota takes a firm inhibitory stance. In fact, the jurisdiction is one of the few US territories that explicitly forbids all forms of web-based gambling, including poker. Luckily, South Dakota fans of the game still have some options for participating in tournaments on the internet thanks to offshore sites that accept players from the state.

Poker Tournaments in South Dakota

South Dakota is rife with opportunities for participating in engaging land-based poker tournaments. For such a small state, South Dakota boasts a great number of gambling establishments — more than 35, several of which feature poker rooms. Most of these are located in Deadwood, although there are more than a dozen venues located on tribal territories.

Unfortunately, the same permissibility and variety do not apply to online poker, so the only option players have are platforms regulated outside the US.

Online Poker Tournaments in South Dakota

When it comes to the online sphere, the legal state of poker in South Dakota is quite grim. In fact, in contrast to most US states where web-based gambling is implicitly forbidden, South Dakota has legislation that explicitly mentions internet gambling and prescribes specific charges for offenders.

The state’s codified laws 22-25A define “bet or wager” and “gambling business” broadly enough to include poker and online poker platforms, respectively. The laws strictly prohibit internet betting by anyone engaged in a gambling business (22-25A-7), and establishing a site in the state to conduct an online gambling business is also decidedly illegal (22-25A-8). Violations can result in felony charges, with each individual bet or wager constituting a separate offense.

South Dakota laws extend to any act of gambling that originates or terminates in the state, save for the South Dakota Lottery and the gambling activities at venues licensed by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming. The attorney general or the county’s state attorney can prosecute violators, and restraining orders or permanent injunctions can be issued against guilty parties.

Additionally, South Dakota codified law 22-25-1 categorizes anyone who engages in gambling or maintains an unlicensed gambling establishment as guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. This doesn’t apply to licensed gambling venues in Deadwood.

Despite the state’s clear ban on the establishment or operation of web-based poker platforms, there are no recorded cases of players being prosecuted for engaging in online poker tournaments on internationally regulated sites. Still, before you proceed to play on these platforms, make sure to consult an attorney of law just to be on the safe side.

Land-Based Poker Tournaments in South Dakota

In terms of land-based options, South Dakota offers ample opportunities for players. More than 35 commercial and tribal casinos offer live action poker throughout the state. Venues like Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, The Lodge at Deadwood, and the Dakota Sioux Casino are just some of the locations known for their lively poker games.

However, the state has imposed some restrictions on its gambling scene aimed at maintaining a safe and responsible gambling culture. For instance, South Dakota is one of the few states that have established a maximum bet limit for players. At any given game, including poker, the largest wager a player can place is $1,000. This regulation, although restrictive, should not pose a problem for recreational participants in poker tournaments.

It is also worth mentioning that the law is quite restrictive outside these commercial establishments. Charitable gambling doesn’t include poker, and there is no exception for social gambling in South Dakota’s legal books. In other words, private poker games at home could be seen as illegal, although enforcement of these laws for non-commercial games is generally considered low-priority.

How to Register for an Online Poker Tournament in South Dakota

Getting started with an internationally regulated online poker platform is a breeze. The streamlined process only takes a couple of minutes and can be completed in a few simple steps outlined below:

Pick a poker room

Browse through our list of recommended offshore poker platforms and pick the one that satisfies your criteria.


Provide the necessary details to create an account in your own name.

Deposit & Play

Picking a desired payment method, top up your account with the amount of money you intend to spend during your playing session. Take a look at the platform’s promotional section to see what kind of new-player bonuses it offers. Some of them can double or triple your playing budget, giving you more playtime and letting you seize more opportunities to land some winnings.

Go to the site’s tournament page and choose a tournament that matches your skill level and preferences. Enroll in it and wait for it to begin. Good luck!

South Dakota Land-Based Casinos With Poker Tournaments

Out of South Dakota’s 35+ licensed gambling venues, only a handful feature poker rooms. These venues are outlined in the table below, and they provide players with an array of poker tournaments and games, allowing them to enjoy their favorite card game in a safe and legal environment.
Name Address Number of Tables
Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gambling Complex 709 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732 5
Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort 360 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732 6
Saloon No. 10 657 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732 2


South Dakota Poker Tournaments Schedule

If you’re eager to start participating in poker tournaments available in South Dakota, you can find the latest information on the tournament schedule in the table below.

No Events Currently

Check back again, An event maybe on its way soon

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Final Thoughts

South Dakota offers a diverse and thriving gambling landscape, with several land-based casinos hosting poker tournaments and other Vegas-style games. Although certain restrictions exist, poker enthusiasts can still engage in live poker competitions across the state’s commercial and tribal casinos.

However, with the state’s firm ban on internet gambling, locally regulated sites offering online poker tournaments are not available. While offshore options may accept South Dakotans, caution is advised when engaging in web-based poker activities on these platforms.


Is online poker legal in South Dakota?

No, it isn’t. South Dakota is one of the few US states that explicitly forbid operating and engaging in online casino games, including poker.

Where can I find poker tournaments in South Dakota?

There are several gambling establishments in South Dakota that host live poker tournaments. The most prominent of these are the Silverado Franklin Casino, Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, and Saloon No. 10, all located in Deadwood.

Where can I find reputable offshore poker rooms in South Dakota?

Finding a reputable offshore poker room can seem like a daunting task, taking into account the sheer number of sites available out there. However, you can save time by choosing from our list of tried-and-true platforms located right here on this page.

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