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Bitcoin Poker – Top 10 Bitcoin Online Poker Sites in 2022

by Adrian Sterne Updated: October 22, 2021
Best Bitcoin Poker SitesBitcoin and online poker is a match made in heaven. Why? Because Bitcoin provides an unprecedented level of anonymity, which is an essential feature of every self-respecting poker site. It’s especially attractive for casual players who want to stay under the radar or circumvent regulations that impact the accessibility of their favorite poker rooms.

Now, I know that most of you have probably heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and how the currency is used for online payments. But I’m also guessing that you haven’t used it for playing in real-money poker sites because not many poker operators accept this form of payment.

Since real money is at stake, there shouldn’t be any shortcuts. You should get acquainted with all the ins and outs of how this digital currency is used for depositing and withdrawing in poker sites.

This is precisely why I composed this in-depth guide — to show you what Bitcoin is all about and how to facilitate easy, quick, and 100% safe payments on real-money poker sites using this innovative cryptocurrency.

Here’s a brief recap of all the things that we covered in our Bitcoin poker handbook:

Are you ready for take-off? Buckle up!

Best Bitcoin Online Poker Sites

Bitcoin poker is still in its infancy stage as not many operators have implemented this payment service onto their gambling sites. And out of those available, you still need to find a poker site that’s both reliable and of high quality.

In order to spare you the agony of having to scour the web for hours looking for a Bitcoin-friendly poker platform, I’ve compiled a list of the best Bitcoin poker sites. All of my picks have been thoroughly tested and verified by a team of experts. They’ve reassured me that these are the finest Bitcoin poker sites in terms of the quality of games, customer service, software, and other relevant aspects.

By all means, have at it!

My list of the best US poker sites which I consider to be the best rooms to play in 2022:

  1. BetOnline Poker
  2. Ignition Poker
  3. Everygame Poker
  4. Juicy Stakes Poker
  5. Americas Cardroom
  6. Bovada Poker
  7. BlackChip Poker
  8. SportsBetting Poker

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What Is Bitcoin and how it works for poker?

Since some of our readers may not be familiar with the concept of Bitcoin, we’ll start from scratch.

Bitcoin is a digital payment network invented in 2009 that uses peer-to-peer technology to process instant payments and is the latest innovation in the field of cryptography, digital anonymity and crypto-currencies. This currency was said to have been invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, although the real name of its inventor remains in the dark. The core idea behind Bitcoin is to provide users with almost complete anonymity with each transaction.

The key thing that you have to realize about Bitcoin is that it doesn’t have a physical form; only balances that are safeguarded on a public ledger which is accessible by everyone. Bitcoins are not associated or backed by any bank or government, which makes it particularly appealing for players that can’t use traditional payment methods in real-money poker sites due to governmental restrictions.

We’re not going to get down to the nitty-gritty of all the technicalities involved with Bitcoin, because it may be a bit overwhelming. And honestly, you don’t need to worry yourself with learning all the terminology in order to use Bitcoin for playing online poker. So, we’ll show you straight away how to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin on poker sites.

If you’re interested in learning the mechanics of Bitcoin, here’s a handy video that could help you get familiar with the subject.



How Do Bitcoins Work?

It’s quite a simple procedure of buying and selling bitcoins using regular money from the currency of your choice. Namely, there are multiple services which can be accessed online, offering bitcoins for sale.

The interesting segment about this phenomenon is how to explain its value. Overall, one can perceive at as intrinsic value, interconnected with the actual bitcoin. Just like anything else on the market, it can fluctuate in regards to its supply and demand ratio.

Types of Bitcoin Poker Rooms

There are three types of poker rooms which allow players to participate with bitcoin as a currency.

  1. The first type is bitcoin-only poker sites. These are specialized poker sites which only allow players who use bitcoin as a method of payment. Here, there is no other option, which is why there are no currency convertors. In this line of thought, there is not fee for conversion as well.
  2. The second type is bitcoin-inclusive poker sites, as these online poker rooms have the standard array of accepted currencies, but they also accept players who use bitcoins. A convertor is provided here, as bitcoins understandably vary in value from one currency to the next.
  3. As for the final type, it’s important that you know how bitcoins are actually kept and stored. Namely, e-wallets have been present for quite some time in this field, which makes them a familiar term by now. Considering their digital ‘physique’, bitcoins are stored in such e-wallets. Hence, there are also poker rooms which allow bitcoins as a payment method, but only through Neteller.

How to Use Bitcoin on Online Poker Sites — Step-by-Step Guide

Using Bitcoin on real-money poker sites can seem a bit complex for beginners, but in reality, it’s easy as pie. We’ll walk you through the entire process.

Register on a Crypto Exchange Platform

In order to use BTCs on poker sites, you must obtain them first. This can be done on an online cryptocurrency exchange — a place where you purchase bitcoins for flat money. You should think of the exchange as a Bitcoin store.

Now, picking an exchange might be a bit tricky due to legal restrictions associated with using the service. You should do your research, and pick an exchange that’s legal to use in your country of residence.

For the sake of explanation, we’ll use — a massively popular exchange in the USA.

Register on Crypto Exchange.

Once you navigate to Uphold’s official website, find the Sign Up button and click on it to create an account. You then have to provide some basic information such as email, password, country of residence, and full name. As soon as you fill out the required fields, the operator will send a verification code to your email. Open the email and verify your account.

Note that Uphold may ask you to submit additional proof of your identity before you’re allowed to use the service. On this note, you may have to provide:

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license

In most cases, the verification procedure takes only a few minutes, but sometimes it may take a week or so.

Purchase the Bitcoin

Once you have successfully verified your Uphold (exchange) account, it’s time to get some BTCs. The first step is purchasing a fiat currency (EUR or USD) so that you can “swap” it for Bitcoins.

As you can see, you can fund your account in numerous ways, including:

  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • Directly from Bank Account (ACH)

This process is quite fast if you opt for credit and debit cards — bank transfers take a bit longer. On the flip side, credit and debit cards charge a small fee. Regardless, you should be able to purchase fiat currency and exchange it into Bitcoins hassle-free.

Purchasing bitcoins with

A word of caution: in some instances, your bank will flag crypto exchanges. If that happens, you’ll have to call the bank to verify the transaction or use Mastercard/Visa secure code. You have to find the deposit method that works for you. Smaller transactions are more likely to go through without any problem.

Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet

The next step is creating a Bitcoin wallet. You cannot deposit to real-money poker sites directly from the exchange, so you’ll have to set up an account with a Bitcoin wallet provider.

Essentially, a Bitcoin wallet is a software that stores your BTCs — pretty much the same way an e-wallet stores your flat cash. It acts as an intermediary between the Bitcoin platform and the poker site.

A Bitcoin wallet is what you’ll use to deposit to online poker sites and where you’ll receive withdrawals from poker sites.

There are several Bitcoin wallet services that you can use for making transactions on poker sites, and each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. Most of them are completely free of charge. I recommend that you do your homework, and find the one that meets your needs the most. Here are our top Bitcoin wallet choices:

  • Bitpay
  • Electrum
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Coinbase

Transfer the Bitcoins from the Exchange to Your Wallet

Assuming that you’ve purchased Bitcoins in an exchange platform and created a Bitcoin wallet, there is only one thing left to do before you can play on Bitcoin poker sites — transfer the BTCs from the exchange to your wallet.

This part is pretty self-explanatory. You can easily find the feature that allows crypto transfers in all exchanges and wallets.

All you have to do is input the number of Bitcoins you want to send to your wallet and use the two-factor authentication to verify the payment. Then find your wallet address and copy it into the exchange transfer form. Some exchanges and wallets offer a QR code scan so that you don’t have to copy and scan your address — you can merely scan the code using your phone.

Create an Account on a Poker Site

If you’ve followed all the previous steps, you’re all set to go and make your first deposit on a real-money online poker site. We used Bovada as an example. Bovada is one of our recommended poker sites and one of the best Bitcoin poker sites on the US poker market.

Signing up for an account on Bovada is a straightforward process. You have to click the Join button and follow the registration prompts. Naturally, you must provide a combination of your name, email, phone number, and personal address.

Creating an account on Bovada Poker

At some point, you may have to download the software for the online poker platform. The download links should be clearly displayed somewhere on the homepage. If you can’t find them, I suggest that you contact customer support for help.

Deposit to Poker Sites Using Bitcoin

Depositing Bitcoin to real-money poker sites is extremely easy. The process can vary between different operators, but it should basically look something like this:

  • Find the Cashier or Deposit section (should be located under your account tab)
  • Select Bitcoin from the list of available payment methods
  • Type in the number of bitcoins you want to deposit
  • Copy the poker operator’s Bitcoin address (or scan it via QR code)
  • Go to your Bitcoin wallet
  • Input the amount you want to transfer to the poker site and click Send
  • The funds should almost instantly reach your poker account (maximum 15 minutes)
  • Have fun at the table!

Top Tip for Bitcoin Deposits

As the value of Bitcoin is going to be changing often in regards to its value to your own home currency then when you are playing poker and using Bitcoin as your chosen banking option you should always try and time your withdrawals to perfection.

For by requesting a withdrawal back to your Bitcoin Wallet when the exchange rate is in your favour then you will get more cashback and opposed to withdrawing your Bitcoin when the exchange rate of low and unappealing so always keep that in mind!

Withdrawing Funds from the Bitcoin Real-Money Poker Site

If you learned how to properly deposit Bitcoins into your account on poker sites, then you’ll have no problems whatsoever when it’s time to cash out the hard-earned winnings. Essentially, you have to go through a reverse procedure from when you were depositing BTC. Here’s the drill:

  • Log into your poker account
  • Go to the Cashier section and click on Withdrawal 
  • Select Bitcoin and input the amount you want to cash out
  • Copy the poker operator’s address and go to your Bitcoin wallet service
  • Paste the address and confirm the payment
  • Go to your crypto exchange platform
  • Copy your wallet’s address and paste it into the exchange transfer form
  • Exchange BTCs for fiat currency
  • Send the funds to your bank account

You can now withdraw your poker winnings. The procedure may seem daunting, but after a while, you’ll realize that it’s actually easier to withdraw from poker sites using Bitcoin than the traditional credit card or wire transfer.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin for playing Online Poker

Although certain skeptics may appear a bit surprised by the end of this list, the use of bitcoin does have a beneficial effect. To be quite frank, using Bitcoin in poker sites is not all roses. But let me assure you that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect payment method — they all have their own pros and cons.

Compared to other payment providers, Bitcoin is vastly beneficial to poker players and I’m going to explain why.

Easier Accessibility

Poker is a part of the heavily regulated online gambling industry. In most countries in the world, gambling laws are strict, and not everyone has the luxury of being able to access their favorite poker rooms. US poker fans certainly know what I’m talking about.

Even if you manage to find a poker site that accepts players from your country, or go to an offshore-based poker site, you may not be able to deposit funds to it. For instance, most banks in the US will not authorize payments targeted towards out-of-state regulated poker sites.

By using Bitcoin, you can circumvent these nagging restrictions. As we said earlier, Bitcoin is not subject to any governmental or banking laws. That means that if you manage to find a Bitcoin poker site, there is no law or regulation that could prevent you from making a deposit.

Unrivaled Anonymity

Bitcoin is tailor-made for the poker industry due to the level of anonymity it provides. Some of the finest poker sites prioritize anonymity and that gives them the edge over their competitors. Privacy is much sought-after by undercover poker players. It allows them to win real money at poker tables without revealing their real name and address.

Not only does Bitcoin provide anonymity at the poker table, but it also allows players to transfer winnings to a bank account without having to elaborate where they came from. This is particularly beneficial for those living in countries where gambling winnings are taxable.

Low to Non-Existent Fees

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, were created as a decentralized digital currency, and as such, allow players and poker operators to transfer value directly. This eliminates the need for the middle man to take their cut. Therefore, the fees are lower. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Transferring bitcoin to real-money poker sites might only involve mining fees, which are quite low. Or in some instances, the poker operator itself may charge a fee. But generally, Bitcoin fees are much lower compared to those of traditional payment methods.

Top-Notch Safety

Due to its cryptographic nature, Bitcoin is probably safer than traditional payment methods. Bitcoin transactions are verified and encrypted several times at various points on the network.

Furthermore, once you make your Bitcoin deposit on a real-money poker site, the funds will go directly into cold storage with keys that are kept safely offline and away from prying eyes. I have yet to hear about a major theft on a Bitcoin poker site.

Undeniably Fair

Putting your faith in a poker operator may be easier said than done, especially if you’ve heard of all those rogue platforms where players got ripped off. As a player, how can you be sure that the flop, the turn, or the river aren’t rigged in favor of the poker site? That’s where BTC poker sites come into play.

Bitcoin and crypto gambling sites use algorithms for generating odds that are provably fair, courtesy of blockchain technology — the underlying technology of all cryptocurrencies. All the top poker sites integrate provably fair features to ensure that their games are genuinely fair and random.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin for Playing Online Poker

Bitcoin is slowly gaining momentum in the poker industry, but it has not yet been adopted by all the biggest poker sites. That means that the number of Bitcoin-friendly poker platforms is still limited.

Another drawback of using Bitcoin in online gambling is that its value is widely unstable and unpredictable. This may not present an obstacle for casual players, but for high stakes players, it can be a deal-breaker.

Last but not least, you can only access Bitcoin physically from whatever device you’re using. What this means is that Bitcoins could get permanently lost in case of a hard drive crash, or if your device gets stolen. With no way of getting them back, you could lose a massive amount of money in only a few seconds.

Bitcoin Poker Sites vs. Real-Money Poker Sites

There are several differences between Bitcoin and traditional payment methods, such as credit/debit cards and e-wallets. For one, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not dependent on banks like e-wallets, for example.

Bitcoin uses wallets, which are similar in concept to your e-banking or PayPal/Skrill/Neteller wallet. The big difference between using a Bitcoin wallet and a payment provider like PayPal is that the latter is tied to a bank account, which means that it’s more prone to hacker attacks and account freezes.

Also, Bitcoin fees are much lower than fees associated with using credit and debit cards on poker sites, or even e-wallets, for that matter.

Another difference is seen in the speed of transactions. Bitcoin transactions are lightning-fast, even when withdrawing funds from poker sites, which isn’t the case with all payment methods, particularly bank wire transfers that take several working days to process.


That’s it guys — you now have the knowledge to use Bitcoin in online poker sites. It has a bit of a learning curve, no doubt about it. The upside is that, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually one of the most straightforward payment methods, with a lot less friction than credit card or wire transfer.

Since there aren’t many Bitcoin poker sites to choose from, it may be easier for you to simply pick one from my site. All of my picks are reliable and safe, and I’ve been using these poker sites myself for years now.

If I can be of assistance with anything else, feel free to contact me — I’ll be more than willing to help you out. In the meantime, you should explore my comprehensive poker hub, there’s plenty of cool stuff that you might be interested in.


Some very rare an unique poker game variants are available at quite a number of our handpicked Bitcoin accepting poker sites and one such poker game variant is Abyssinia Poker, below are some more questions that you may be seeking the answers to.

Are Bitcoin poker sites legal?

They sure are. Governments, banks, or licensing jurisdictions don’t have the authority to prevent operators from offering Bitcoin as a payment method. So, if a poker site is legal in your country of residence, then it’s also legal to use Bitcoin on that specific site.

How Many Poker Sites Accept Bitcoin

Sadly there are not that many online poker sites that currently accept Bitcoin as one of their chosen banking options, however we have started to see more and more poker sites now adding it as a banking option. With that in mind if you are actively seeking out poker sites at which to play that do accept Bitcoin then there will be plenty of them to choose from if you look around hard enough!

Can I play poker games with BTC?

On most Bitcoin poker sites, the deposited coins are converted into US dollars or other fiat currencies before being allocated to your account. This is because the games are played in dollars. You can keep track of your bitcoins in the Cashier section, or you can always ask the customer support to tell you what your BTC status is.

What Bitcoin Poker Games are available?

There is going to be just as many different game variants on offer at any poker site that accepts Bitcoin deposits, and as such do not think that you are going to only have one or two different poker game variant son offer.

In fact you will find just as many pout limit, fixed limit or even no limit poker games on offer at all Bitcoin accepting poker sites so you will never be restricted in regards to the number and types of poker games you can play

In fact as Bitcoin Poker is proving to be so every popular you are also going to find there will be no shortage of fellow poker players logged into those sites so you will have plenty of opponents to take on when you sign up and start to use those online poker sites.

Do poker site have Omaha Poker?

One poker game that is proving a very popular variant is Omaha Poker, and you may be pleased to learn that not only are cash ring games available but you can also play Omaha Poker for free as free play tables are also available at each of our Bitcoin accepting poker sites.

Make sure however that you find one of our Bitcoin accepting poker sites that is going to allow you to make a deposit that you can afford as many of them do have very low Bitcoin deposit limits, so low rolling players are going to be easily able to play at those poker sites

Is Bitcoin available in every country?

Yes – that’s the beauty of it. BTC is accepted in every country in the world, meaning that you can trade your coins with poker players from around the globe without having to worry about conversion or transaction fees. But you should keep in mind that it’s up to the operator to decide whether it will accept players from certain countries.

Are there any Bitcoin bonuses?

You bet! In fact, Bitcoin poker bonuses are massive in size, often worth over $5,000. Most Bitcoin-friendly poker sites will offer a hefty welcome bonus to those who deposit using this digital cryptocurrency.

Are Bitcoin depositing players going to get bonuses?

You will not have to look very far around our website to find a first class Bitcoin accepting poker site at which to play at, for we have located and fully reviewed all of the best ones, many of which have been accepting Bitcoin for many years now.

To give you an incentive to make deposits and to sign up at those poker sites using Bitcoin you will also find a plethora of different bonuses are also available to you, many of which are very high valued Bitcoin deposit match type bonuses.

Can I make Bitcoin payments on poker sites via mobile?

Yes, Bitcoin is mobile-friendly and accessible via a vast range of mobile devices, including iOS and Android-powered ones. Most exchanges and wallets are optimized for mobile use. You can make mobile BTC payments, claim BTC bonuses, and of course, play poker on Bitcoin-friendly sites.

Do I need a credit card of bank account to gamble on bitcoin poker sites?

No, you don’t need that, but you would need to have a specific e-wallet for your bitcoins. The only time you would need such a bank account is when purchasing bitcoins.

Am I able to play bitcoin poker on mobile devices?

Yes, again for the reason that this currency is used just like any other would be on a given poker site. Considering you have you e-wallet software on your device and have chosen a mobile-friendly online poker room or one that offers its own mobile application, you should have no troubles.

How can I convert bitcoins into another currency (Euro/Dollar)?

Once you have withdrawn your earnings from the poker site to your e-wallet by providing its address, you are able to sell your bitcoins the same way someone else had sold them to you in the first place.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A Bitcoin Wallet is simply a way that you can store all of your Bitcoins in one easy to manage account, the wallet actually resides on your mobile device or your computer and as such you can instantly send your Bitcoins to anyone you like who also have a Bitcoin Wallet.

What is the Currency Exchange Rate of Bitcoin?

One thing that you do need to be fully aware of if you would like to start using Bitcoin is that the value of them can and will vary often on an hour by hour or even minute by minute basis. In fact many poker players tend to take advantage of the fluctuating currency exchange rate of Bitcoin.When you fund your poker site account and have built up a large bankroll through a series of winning games or poker tournaments then many players will wait until the exchange rate if beneficial to them based on their home currency to whether withdraw their Bitcoin from a poker site or to exchange the Bitcoins back into their own home currency!

Do I have to play in Bitcoin Currency?

One thing to remember is that the value of one single Bitcoin can be very high and as such you may think that when playing at a poker site that uses Bitcoin as its base currency setting then those sites are only offer very high stake poker games.

Many poker sites will allow you to play for a fraction of a Bitcoin or some sites will turn one Bitcoin into their own unique credit type system where you will get so many poker playing credits for each one Bitcoin you deposit.

That results in players being bale to play for low stakes rather than very high stake amounts. With that in mind always check out just how the Bitcoin accepting poker sites turns your deposits into poker chips as the way they do that can vary from site to site.

Are Bitcoin Poker Tournaments available?

You will be able to take your chances in a huge number of different Bitcoin poker tournaments when logged into any of our featured poker sites that now accept that particular banking option. You will also find guaranteed poker tournament on offer as well as a large range of both sit n go poker tournaments and main event poker tournaments.

Please do check through the websites of any of our featured poker sites that you have taken an interest to for when you do so you will find a poker tournament schedule displayed on their websites and this is going to allow you to select any tournament that may be about to start.

Can I play Bitcoin Poker for Free?

You will find free to play poker tables and games on offer at Bitcoin accepting poker sites and you will also find several of them offer freeroll poker tournaments where you can win real cash prizes.

Are online poker sites as fair as land based poker rooms?

We want you to be completely confident that no matter which of the poker sites we list on our website that accept Bitcoin you do decide to play at will be offering you above everything else a very fair and random outcome on each hand you play off.

Therefore every one of our Bitcoin accepting poker sites all hold a full and full and valid gambling license, and as such you do have the added protection of that gaming commission and will always get a fair outcome on any poker game you do decide to play when using Bitcoin to make your deposits.

Can all poker players use Bitcoin?

Many Bitcoin accepting poker sites will require you to be either over the age of 18 or over the age of 21 to be able to legally play at their respective poker sites, depending of course on what the legal age to gamble is in your country of residence.

Bitcoin is accepted at a lot of different poker sites, and as such you will never have any difficulties funding your poker site account using Bitcoin as long as you are old enough to sign up and then play at those poker sites.

Am I at risk using Bitcoin?

One of the main reasons that many poker players tend to use Bitcoin as their number one banking option when making payments into their chosen poker site is that you funds are going to be safe, and all transactions using Bitcoin made into a poker site account are done so using the highest levels of security.

As our featured Bitcoin accepting poker sites are fully licensed that also means that your funds are kept in a fully segregated and ring fenced account and you are going to have access to those funds at any time, so there are no risk involved in using Bitcoin.

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