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Top 10 Poker Variants

Poker OnlineIf you are wondering just which are the most popular variants of poker or are seeking a different game than the one you regularly play, then allow us to introduce you to our the top 10 poker variants which are listed below.

Whilst not every single poker variant listed are available to play at every single online or land based poker site, this is where it often pays for you to checkout several different no depoist poker sites for many of them available do offer lots of the more unique and exotic or rarely found poker game variants somewhere in their poker platform and game selection!

1. Texas Hold ‘Em

Pride of place right at the top of this listing of the top 10 poker game variants is of course the game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. This is the game that is found in every online poker site and is the game on which many of the other variants listed below are based around. However you will need to master the art of playing it for whilst it is easy to learn to play, putting in a perfect playing strategy takes years of practise!

2. 5 Card Stud

The game of 5 Card Stud Poker often is seen as a much more type of strategic and skill based poker game variant, This is due to one of the players hole cards being dealt face upwards, and as such this could possibly give other players an inclining of just how good or bad that players overall hand maybe.

This is one of the older poker game variants however you will often find it readily available at many online poker sites.

3. 7 Card Stud

The 7 Card Stud Poker game is much like the poker variant above, however there are seven card each poker player sat around the table is going to be utilizing, once again this is an older type or poker game which players have been mastering for many years now, often a poker game played at home but you will find plenty of online poker sites offering this poker variant to their players.

4. Abyssinia

This is a variant of the 5 Card Stud Poker game variant and is not that commonly found or played online, a slightly different playing style and format is offered as it is a high low variant and as such there are going to be two cash prizes being played for on each game played. The highest and lowest hands at the final stage of the Abyssinia poker games are the two hands that get to share the pot.

5. Badugi

The Badugi Poker game variant is a very unique game on which when played online will see players receiving four card hands and the aim of the game is to end the game with the lowest set of cards. However, the winning hands whilst being the lowest ranked one must not contain cards of the same suit or the same rank, Aces are classed as being low cards on this poker game variant!

6. Chase the Ace

This a both a fun to play and often a frustrating type of poker game variant, When you are playing the game of Chase the Ace poker it comes with a different playing structure to any poker game you will have played before. Players will begin with a certain number of lives and as they are staking the game one card at a time is dealt to each player, the aim is for players not to be left holding one of the lower values cards with the lowest card being an Ace, as the name of this poker variant indicates!


The Poker game variant of HORSE Poker is enjoyed by many players online every day of the week and this particular poker game is actually made up of several different rounds of poker, all of which utilizes a different poker game variant. The majority of players who give this game any amount of playtime have mastered the art of playing all of the variants that make up the game perfectly, or as best they can, and it is certainly not a poker game variant for a new or inexperienced poker player!

8. Lowball Guts

This poker game variant may take a lot of getting used to as players are dealt just three initial cards yet 3 cards which are known as ghost cards are also dealt out face down The aim of the game is ultimately for the players to either remove themselves from the game or carry on Playing with the hope their hand will be the lowest ranked one at the end of the game. This is another strategic poker game which can only be truly mastered with a lot of experience so it may not appeal to everyone!

9. Omaha

This is one of the more recent additions to the poker game variants which can be found and played online the main difference between this poker game and all others is that players are dealt out four initial cards and there are five community cards dealt out in the middle of the poker table, players then have to make their betting decisions and play accordingly in the hope they get the highest ranked five card hand which must contain two of their hole cards and any three community cards.

10. Omaha Hi-Lo

The poker game variant that goes by the name of Omaha Hi Low is almost identical to the Omaha Poker game mentioned above, However unlike that variant when you are playing this one there will be two players who are going to be sharing the pot at the end of the game in most circumstances and these are the players who have the lowest ranked hand as per the game rules and also the player with the highest ranked poker hand.

It is worth mentioning that one player may also win the contents of both pots and that is when only one player is left in the game at the showdown part of the game; however it is often the case that two players will end up sharing each pot on each game of Omaha Hi Low that is played.

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