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easy-poker-sitesPoker is considered to be one of the most difficult and skill-demanding pastimes of the general public. It requires from its players much more than mere knowledge of the rules.

After all, there are not much rules which need to be memorized aside from the card combinations and their importance for the final outcome. Nevertheless, there are certain inherent talents and skills which poker players need to possess in order to make something happen for them.

As it is normally expected, there are only a limited number of players which have that ‘magic touch’. Such skillful players which know how to save the day even though they’ve been dealt quite a bad hand are known as sharks.

As for the remaining players, either unskilled enough, or perhaps simply lacking in talent and need to practice and perfect their knowledge, the nickname ‘fish’ has been appointed throughout the years.

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The ‘Fishiest’ Poker Sites on the Internet

Online poker sites which are known for having numerous players of the “fishy” sort are usually classified as the easiest ones. These sites don’t have any technical difficulties or irregularities, on the contrary. They simply tend to attract the most inexperienced poker players on the market.

There are several characteristics which seem to define the look of such “easy” poker sites. For one, these sites tend to advertise themselves in what is known as mainstream media, which means that a great part of the general public are aware of its existence. Unlike other sites which tend to publicize their offers on other sites of similar nature in order to keep the trade among the experts, these ads usually attract all sorts of gamblers. Hence, we reach the second point. These gamblers come in such large numbers, they basically represent an entire school of fish. This, in turn, causes a large flow of player traffic, thus witnessing a large influx of profits on a daily basis. Another point which is often considered to be the easy sites’ trademark is their USA-friendly nature. This comes from the assumption that poker sites which are intended for USA players are wealthier due to their largely disposable income.

Such inexperienced players, for the most part, usually tend to try different types of gambling, which is why they treat poker rooms as a stop along the way. Sharks, on the other hand, place their bets with a final destination in mind. This means that if you’re eager on preying such players, you should look all over the place. Sportsbooks, casinos and bingo locations are just as agreeable to them as the online poker rooms.

Yet another type of gambling site which usually seems an easy target are those which consist of multiple player levels, thus incurring even greater traffic than the ones mentioned above. Their steady stream of eager, inexperienced gamblers is the ultimate oasis for the hungry player-sharks.

The Most Effective Way to Successful Fishing

There is absolutely no need for experienced poker players to create specific strategies and invent special moves in order to beat their easy opponents. Still, there are a couple of factors which could make the fishing easier and much faster.

If the poker site has high quality software and offers multi-table playing techniques, there should be no technical difficulties standing in the way of the typical shark. They could acquire up to five, or maybe even more times the regular profit per a single table through these fishing techniques. Thus, they are able to reduce the time spent while increasing the money won.

Is There Such A Thing As A Guarantee In These Games?

As it is commonly known, poker is not a game that offers any type of guarantee, even in such situations. There is no guarantee that you would even encounter a single fish during your entire stay in that “pond”. All you can do is rely on your experience and try to accumulate as many new ones as possible.

This is exactly the type of advice fish also need to hear, not just the sharks. Taking into consideration the fact that they are actually the ones which lack general experience, resulting in continuous losses, such sites should exist for their benefit as well. Admittedly, there will always be players who will try to take advantage of their gullibility, but a few such encounters will teach the inexperienced player how to fight back and ultimately win.

What Limits Do Easy Games Usually Have?

Easy games don’t stick to low limits only. On the contrary, there can be certain poker tables with high stakes where everyone’s a fish. Of course, these may be less frequent occurrences, but tough luck is the only type you’ll find around poker.

  • Some Direct Insights: Although you might rightfully feel superior to these inexperienced players, there’s a lot of fiery spirit hidden in their youthful poker urge. In most cases, they tend to jump around the poker table, as they like to call and chase your wager, even though they don’t actually understand whether they’re winning or losing.Anyway, this shouldn’t discourage you in your pursuit – on the contrary. There is nothing better like a surprise shark attack. Experienced players are better at waiting for the right hand and the right moment, knowing that this is their true ticket to riches.
  • Bluffing With the Sharks: As you might have expected, there are rarely any bluffs when playing with fish. Firstly, they tend to approach their wagers with caution. Secondly, due to the fact that they are still aware of strong hands, and having one such would most often cause them to go all in. Unless you too have a strong hand, bluffing needs to get involved.

In such soft games, there are not many situation types, apart from this one, that call for a bluff. However, such moves need to be played out with constant caution. Otherwise, you might end up revealed for the liar that you are, showing the fish that you often play a weak hand strong. Or maybe, that’s what you’ve been planning all along?

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