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Find list of poker sites where you can play with easy players, players less skilled at playing poker games.

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Easiest Poker Sites

If you’re an online poker player, one of the easiest ways to rake in huge profits, in the long run, is to play in a site with easy competition. And it seems only logical, right? You surely don’t want to face off against sharks and pros. You want easy pickings to get your money’s worth.

Sure, we all want to play in the biggest online poker venues. But keep in mind that these sites feature fierce competition. And the tougher the competition, the more difficult it will be for you to outplay them and make money from them. No matter how good you think you are, there’s always someone out there who’s going to empty your pockets in an instant.

Trust me, I know.

You should be on the lookout for the softest poker sites — the ones that have a higher proportion of fish than average. By choosing the online poker destinations with the most fish, you can build up your bankroll by playing against less skilled opponents.

To help you track down the easiest real-money poker sites, I’ve put together a handy guide. It will show you where to find soft easy poker oasis, but also how to capitalize on the weak players once you get there.

Why would you swim with the sharks instead of swimming with little fish?

Easiest Poker Sites with the Softest Games Easiest Poker Sites with the Softest Games

Back in the day, finding a soft poker site was as easy as pie. You could just rush to the easiest fish pond, and terrorize the opponents at will. Today? Not so much. With so many pros and grinders out there, it can be tricky to identify an easy poker room.

To spare you the hassle of having to check out a vast number of poker sites to discover which ones have the most fish, I’ve taken it upon myself to this daunting task. I’ve rooted out the poker rooms with the most fish around. If you choose the sites from my list, you can make the sought-after profits because you will be playing against complete novices.

My list of the best poker sites which I consider to be the best rooms to play in 2024:
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Poker is considered to be one of the most difficult and skill-demanding pastimes of the general public. It requires from its players much more than mere knowledge of the rules.

After all, there are not much rules which need to be memorized aside from the card combinations and their importance for the final outcome. Nevertheless, there are certain inherent talents and skills which poker players need to possess in order to make something happen for them.

As it is normally expected, there are only a limited number of players which have that ‘magic touch’. Such skillful players which know how to save the day even though they’ve been dealt quite a bad hand are known as sharks.

As for the remaining players, either unskilled enough, or perhaps simply lacking in talent and need to practice and perfect their knowledge, the nickname ‘fish’ has been appointed throughout the years.

What Makes a Poker Site Fishy? What Makes a Poker Site Fishy?

Online poker sites which are known for having numerous players of the “fishy” sort are usually classified as the easiest ones. These sites don’t have any technical difficulties or irregularities, on the contrary. They simply tend to attract the most inexperienced poker players on the market.

In a nutshell, a fishy or ‘easy’ poker site is a site with plenty of unskilled players. A fishy game is referred to as one which is easy to beat. Easy or soft rooms are like a Mecca for veteran gamblers looking to score some easy profit.

Now, all poker platforms have their fair share of rookies. However, some sites are fishier than others.

In general, all fishy poker sites have several characteristics in common.

Mainstream Poker Sites Mainstream Poker Sites

For one, these sites tend to advertise themselves in what is known as mainstream media, which means that a great part of the general public are aware of its existence.

Unlike other sites which tend to publicize their offers on other sites of similar nature in order to keep the trade among the experts, these ads usually attract all sorts of gamblers.

School of Fish School of Fish

Hence, we reach the second point. These gamblers come in such large numbers, they basically represent an entire school of fish. This, in turn, causes a large flow of player traffic, thus witnessing a large influx of profits on a daily basis.

USA Friendly USA Friendly

Another point which is often considered to be the easy sites’ trademark is their USA-friendly nature. This comes from the assumption that poker sites which are intended for USA players are wealthier due to their largely disposable income.

Such inexperienced players, for the most part, usually tend to try different types of gambling, which is why they treat poker rooms as a stop along the way. Sharks, on the other hand, place their bets with a final destination in mind. This means that if you’re eager on preying such players, you should look all over the place. Sportsbooks, casinos and bingo locations are just as agreeable to them as the online poker rooms.

Multi-Player Levels Multi-Player Levels

Yet another type of gambling site which usually seems an easy target are those which consist of multiple player levels, thus incurring even greater traffic than the ones mentioned above. Their steady stream of eager, inexperienced gamblers is the ultimate oasis for the hungry player-sharks.

Easy To Beat Players Easy To Beat Players

The most obvious denominator is that they all have plenty of easy-to-beat novices. A less obvious fact is that a site with soft games will eventually become known to good players. When that happens, the games will become much tougher, that is, until the pros head elsewhere for even easier pickings.

Games Become Easier Games Become Easier

Some poker rooms deliberately make their games softer, and less appealing to pros and grinders. This could be because they restrict 3rd party tools, making the games anonymous, or because they allow players to play in only a few tables at once. Whatever the case, this evens the playing field for recreational players, making the games softer, and more fishy-like.

No Guarantee Of Winning No Guarantee Of Winning

It’s worth mentioning that just because a poker site is filled with fishes, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to win every single time. Don’t forget that luck also plays a role in poker, which means that even the worst players could be tough to beat if lady luck is on their side.

No Guarantee Of Making A Fortune No Guarantee Of Making A Fortune

What’s more, don’t expect to make a fortune on easy poker sites. They may be more volatile, but you shouldn’t expect massive wins due to looser and softer games.

How to Sign Up on Easiest Poker Sites: Step-by-Step Guide How to Sign Up on Easiest Poker Sites: Step-by-Step Guide

I know that most of you are familiar with the registration process on online poker sites. Still, some of my readers are beginners who might not be able to find their way on poker sites with soft competition. To help them settle in, and start making quick and easy bucks, I’ve composed a mini how-to-get-started guide. Bear with me for a little while, and you’ll be raking hefty profits against fishes in no time!

I’ve used Betonline.ag as an example. Keep in mind that this operator is primarily US-oriented, so if you’re living elsewhere you may not be able to register here. In the table above, you can find the best poker site for residents of different countries. Have a look at it and I’m sure you’ll find a venue that suits your poker taste.

Now, let’s proceed with our ‘how to get started’ tutorial.

Find the Right Poker Site

As I previously mentioned, different poker rooms accept players from different regions of the world. I recommend that you browse the list above to find your fit. Regardless of your whereabouts, you’ll be able to find a top-tier poker site with lots of fish to capitalize on.

For the sake of explanation, let’s assume that you’ve chosen Betonline.og. To get there, you only need to click on the link, and you will be automatically navigated to the operator’s homepage.


When you get relocated to Betonline’s homepage, you need to click on the green Join Now button to start the registration process. It looks like this:

You will be required to provide some basic information about your identity and whereabouts. The entire process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

When you submit all the necessary information, press the Create Account button. Following that, you will become the latest member of the Betonline.ag family. All that is left now is to top your account with funds.

Claim the Bonuses

Every of our featured poker operators has a massive welcome bonus for its newcomers. You should take advantage of these incredible offers because they can significantly boost your bankroll.

Before you start making deposits, go to the Promotions page. There, you’ll find a couple of amazing bonuses.

BetOnline Poker Promotions


To be able to play real-money soft poker games on any poker site, you need to deposit some funds to your account. So, log into your newly-registered account and go to the Cashier section. Click on Deposit and choose your preferred deposit method. Note that the list of available payment methods will vary depending on where you access the site from. Some payment options are geo-specific, and may not be available in your country of residence

BetOnline Poker Banking

Being a crypto-friendly gambling site, Betonline offers poker players the option of depositing via Bitcoin. Of course, there are other options as well, such as credit cards, wire transfer, and so forth. Once you’ve chosen the deposit method, input the amount of money you want to transfer to your account along with the details of your financial provider’s account. Then verify the payment and you’re ready to roll.

Have fun!

With your account fully loaded, it’s now time to find the fishiest poker tables. In the paragraphs below, I will show you how to spot a fish on soft poker sites. So, follow my tips, and choose the poker game accordingly. There will usually be a wide range of tournaments and SNGs on offer, but you should choose a table based on the preferences I’ve listed below.

How to Identify a Fish in Poker How to Identify a Fish in Poker

Once you have found a soft poker site, you need to know how to spot the fishiest tables on the site. You could do that by checking out the flops viewed percentage. Almost every poker operator will display this information in the lobby, and the higher the percentage, the more fishy the table is.

Besides this, some signs could help you recognize a potential fish. Beginners are typically easy to spot at a poker table, because they all play similarly, give or take. You can use the following indicators to reel in the fish and make easy cash:

  • Fishes usually play in world-renowned poker sites. Most beginners head straight down to the most popular poker site they can find. Obscure poker sites have fewer fish.
  • They play Texas Hold’em. Apart from being the most popular poker variant, Texas Hold’em is almost always the game of choice for fish.
  • They tend to overbet. Unskilled players are not capable of recognizing when is the right time to stop putting in more chips. If a player constantly overbets their hands, then you’ve found yourself a potential goldmine.
  • Fishes don’t know when to stop. Novices usually play too many hands, unlike veterans who stick to premium hands only, and play more safely. If you notice that someone bets on every hand, then you’ve probably caught yourself a fish.
  • They go all-in most of the time. Rookies usually avoid the flop by going all in early, thus trying to bully their opponents out of the game.
  • Beginners like to chat. Weak players often make mistakes because they’re too distracted by chatting with their opposition.
  • Fishes are scared of a showdown. If a player avoids the showdown like the plague, that’s a classic sign of a fish, one that’s easy to exploit.
  • They can’t control their temper. It’s a known fact that beginners go on tilt often, especially when they’re on a cold streak. Even a couple of bad hands can cause a fish to lose their composure, making them easy to prey upon.

How to Make Money on Soft Poker Sites How to Make Money on Soft Poker Sites

Once you’ve found your pond of poker fish, you’ll need to adjust your playing style to be able to exploit their weak skills. Below, I’ve set aside a few tips that can help you make the most profit on soft poker sites.

There is absolutely no need for experienced poker players to create specific strategies and invent special moves in order to beat their easy opponents. Still, there are a couple of factors which could make the fishing easier and much faster.

If the poker site has high quality software and offers multi-table playing techniques, there should be no technical difficulties standing in the way of the typical shark. They could acquire up to five, or maybe even more times the regular profit per a single table through these fishing techniques. Thus, they are able to reduce the time spent while increasing the money won.

Though the best strategy for beating rookies is to play as straightforward as possible. That means that you shouldn’t do much bluffing or semi-bluffing because it’s not effective against these players. All you have to do is wait for premium hands, bet hard on those hands, and collect your profits. This is easier said than done, which is why you should get familiarized with a few tips and tricks before you start using this ‘strategy’.

As I mentioned earlier, most fishes play too many hands, and they will call your bets almost every time. No matter which cards they are holding (weak, draws, and sometimes strong), they will play them all the same — go all in or call your bets. Against such opponents, you should value your premium hands as much as possible. If you have a pair of preflop, don’t hesitate to bet on each street.

If, by any chance, your opponent follows up your bet, or even raises it, you should proceed with caution. Fishy players rarely raise, so this action usually indicates that they have a strong hand. If you don’t have something strong, then you should back out, and wait for another opportunity. Even hands like top pairs are usually beaten when this type of situation arises.

Playing against softer competition can be irritating as well. Fishier players tend to chase and call almost every draw, which means that you’ll experience bad beats more often than you would if you were playing with pros and sharks. But remember, bad beats are inevitable, and for every bat beat you go through, you’ll win a couple more pots against players who lose chasing draws.


Wait for strong hands, raise a solid amount on the preflop, and if you get something solid in the post-flop, then you should place bets. A great thing about playing with fishes is that they probably wouldn’t see through your obvious strategy. Regardless of how many hands you fold in a row, there will always be a fish to be exploited on good hands.

Benefits of Playing on Easy Poker Sites Benefits of Playing on Easy Poker Sites

The most apparent benefit of playing on a poker site with soft competition and a lot of fish is that these places offer the highest profit potential. The weaker the competition is, the easier it is for you to exploit their weaknesses and make money.

Playing on soft poker sites is a great way to increase your poker profits, even if you’re a below-the-average player. It’s a dream come true for every poker player, and you would be reckless to miss out on such a lucrative opportunity if you stumble across one.

Conclusion Conclusion

To find a soft poker site with the most fish, you have to look for the ones that are the least appealing to skilled players. Finding such a site could be troublesome with so many poker operators out there, which is why you should leave it to us to show you the way.

My list consists of safe and high-quality poker rooms. More importantly, they feature an abundance of fish you can exploit and achieve the highest rate of return.


What makes a poker site fishy?

Simply put, a fishy or ‘easy’ poker site is a site with soft competition. It usually has a straightforward user interface and a vast pool of novice players for you to shoot out of the barrel.

Why should I look for easy poker sites?

For one reason alone — you’ll win more often on these sites. You’ll be playing against weak competition, which is easier to beat.

How to make cash on easy poker sites?

Just keep it simple. Avoid some convoluted poker strategies — they won’t work against these players. These guys are not familiar with any type of poker strategy, so they will mainly be playing on instinct alone. A straightforward strategy will help you win most of the time.

What poker variations are played on these sites?

Mostly, it’s all about Texas Hold’em and Omaha. These formats are the easiest to learn, and the most appealing to fishes. 

Are there any bonuses on easy poker sites?

Of course! Easy poker sites are like any others — they have a whole host of bonuses and promotions for both newcomers and existing customers.

Is There Such A Thing As A Guarantee In These Games?

As it is commonly known, poker is not a game that offers any type of guarantee, even in such situations. There is no guarantee that you would even encounter a single fish during your entire stay in that “pond”. All you can do is rely on your experience and try to accumulate as many new ones as possible.

This is exactly the type of advice fish also need to hear, not just the sharks. Taking into consideration the fact that they are actually the ones which lack general experience, resulting in continuous losses, such sites should exist for their benefit as well. Admittedly, there will always be players who will try to take advantage of their gullibility, but a few such encounters will teach the inexperienced player how to fight back and ultimately win.

What Limits Do Easy Games Usually Have?

Easy games don’t stick to low limits only. On the contrary, there can be certain poker tables with high stakes where everyone’s a fish. Of course, these may be less frequent occurrences, but tough luck is the only type you’ll find around poker.

  • Some Direct Insights: Although you might rightfully feel superior to these inexperienced players, there’s a lot of fiery spirit hidden in their youthful poker urge. In most cases, they tend to jump around the poker table, as they like to call and chase your wager, even though they don’t actually understand whether they’re winning or losing.Anyway, this shouldn’t discourage you in your pursuit – on the contrary. There is nothing better like a surprise shark attack. Experienced players are better at waiting for the right hand and the right moment, knowing that this is their true ticket to riches.
  • Bluffing With the Sharks: As you might have expected, there are rarely any bluffs when playing with fish. Firstly, they tend to approach their wagers with caution. Secondly, due to the fact that they are still aware of strong hands, and having one such would most often cause them to go all in. Unless you too have a strong hand, bluffing needs to get involved.

In such soft games, there are not many situation types, apart from this one, that call for a bluff. However, such moves need to be played out with constant caution. Otherwise, you might end up revealed for the liar that you are, showing the fish that you often play a weak hand strong. Or maybe, that’s what you’ve been planning all along?

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