The Top 10 Bluffs Caught on Camera during Live Poker Games

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This section of our websites one of the most visited parts of our website and that is due to the fact we are going to show you a range of videos on which you are going to see some of the very best excited bluffs ever caught on camera!

As such, please do spend a much time as you need reading through this guide but made sure you also watch the following video as by doing so you will then always be aware that not every player who appears to have a strong hand is going to have one, and many just be bluffing!

Female Players Show Their Bluffing Skills!

It is of course not only men that have mastered the art of bluffing, and as such with that in mind below you will find some of the best bluffs caught on camera pulled off by women players, showing just as always, that anything a man can do a woman can do just as good! Once you have watched this classic video make sure you watch some of the many others located further down this webpage as we have handpicked each of them for you!

WomanPokerPlayer Magazine


Five Amazing Bluffs Pulled Off on the Trot!

When you have just played a hand against a player who has bluffed their way to the pot you will probably feel like kicking yourself, however imagine how you would feel if that player did not simply bluff one hand but pulled off an amazing five bluffs on the trot! Well that is exactly what happens in the video below!

A Very Well Timed Bluff!

There are some players who really can and do pick their moment to bluff their hand, and the following one really is a sight to behold. You do need to have balls of steel to put off a bluff like this which obviously the player who does pull it off has. Just think long and hard if you are thinking of doing the same as not every bluff does pay dividends!

It Takes a Lot to Bluff a Bluffer!

When you watch some of the best players in the world playing against each other, then you will appreciate just what a very fine art and risking thing to do bluffing really is, and with that in mind sit back and enjoy the following professional poker players trying their utmost to take the pot off each other one of which does not have a hand you would usually play on with!



Big Money Poker Bluff

There are of course some big money poker tournaments held all over the world, and as such if you do ever find yourself at the final tables in those events you will either have to have been dealt out some very high ranked hands to take the cash prizes on offer or you will have to have perfected the art of bluffing, watch the following video to see if one such player has!

Doug Polk Poker


Amateurs vs. Professionals

There will always be fireworks when professional poker players sit down to play against some lesser experienced poker players, and what every amateur poker player will want to do is to beat the professional player obviously, however that will call for a steady hand, lots of nerve and skill and also the ability to read those professional players, and not every player can read another one!

1tripz1 Poker Hands


Phil Ivey Showing how it’s done!

One thing we would always encourage any new or inexperienced poker players to do is to spend some time watching how professional poker players play, for not only do you need to learn the mathematics of playing poker to have any chance of winning you do also need to learn from your peers how and when to bluff and the following video will be taking a look at how Phil Ivey occasionally does bluff his hands!



Not Everyone Can Bluff!

If you do fancy bluffing your hand from time to time, which is actually a skill any poker player should truly master, then there is of course a good way to buff and also a bad way, and in the following video we are going to take a look at one player who, how can we say this, has not yet perfected the art of bluffing a well as they should have done!



Rubbing the Salt In!

When you have just bluffed any number of players and have had the contents of the pot slid over to you there can be no better feeling in the world! Unless of course you have something of a wicked streak in you and one thing you could do if that is the case is then reveal to the person or player you have just bluffed the value of your hand that had them fooled and cost them the pot! That is what you will see happening on the following video!



Battle of the Wills!

It may not necessarily be the case that one poker player is bluffing their hand, for there could always be the chance that the last two people involved in any poker game or poker tournament both opt to bluff at the same time. That is what you are going to see happening on the following video, so sit back and enjoy the following game of bluffs and battle of wills playing out in front of your very eyes!

Just keep in mind that there is an art form to bluffing and if you have not fully mastered it then you are likely to be taken to the cleaners if you do sit down to play real money poker and try and bluff hand after hand when playing against skilled and experienced poker players!

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