Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy page of the Top 10 Poker Sites website.

As a responsible website operator, here at the Top 10 Poker Sites website we take your privacy very seriously, and that means if you contact us then the e-mail address you have contacted us on will not be sold or used in any promotional way.

The only thing we will ever use your e-mail for is to reply to you. Be aware for statistical analysis we often track users of our website or when a visitor has clicked on links on our website but the only information we will gather is in relation to finding out where our website visitors originate from and any other relevant information.

All of the poker sites listed here on the Top 10 Poker Sites website will have their own unique privacy policies in force and as such if you visit such sites then we would always recommend you read through the respective privacy policy of that particular poker site.

We have handpicked all of the poker sites to promote here on our Top 10 Poker Sites website and as such you can be confident that they all do indeed have strong ethical values in regards to your privacy in relation to your online internet usage.

If at a later date we change our privacy policy then these changes will be added to this section of the Top 10 Poker Sites website.