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Bad Beat JackpotIf you’re an avid poker player, you know that there is no unbeatable hand.

After all, you can get so many different hands in a poker game, and odds are that, at some point, you’ll lose with a seemingly perfect one.

When this happens, it’s safe to say that you’ve experienced a bad beat, one of the worst scenarios in both online and live poker.

However, there is a way to save yourself. Some casinos offer bad beat jackpots as well as many online poker sites — offers that strive to soften the blow of a bad beat.

If you want to get one, you’re in the right place, as we will list a few bad beat jackpots we believe are the very best at the moment.

What Is a Bad Beat Jackpot?

A bad beat doesn’t have specific parameters — it’s entirely up to each poker site to configure bad beat jackpots as they see fit.

Almost any seemingly unbeatable hand can be a bad beat as long as it causes the player to lose to an even better hand. Naturally, there are still several hands that are considered the true bad beats, including:

  • Quads losing to a straight flush or a higher quad
  • Top set losing to runner-runner quads
  • Top boat losing to quads

A poker site is highly likely to offer a bad beat jackpot in cases like this. However, in general, you need to meet specific losing criteria to get the bonus. For example, one of the main requirements is that both hole cards are used in the losing and winning hands.

When the conditions are met, the jackpot is awarded not just to the player with the bad beat but to the others too. In most cases, the losing player gets the biggest piece of the pie — 50% of the jackpot fund. The winner receives 25%, while the remaining players get the rest. The percentages differ from site to site, just like the criteria.

It’s worth mentioning that this is usually a progressive jackpot offer, meaning it’s not awarded for any single game but for all bad beat jackpot games. This makes the prize much bigger, as it grows over time, like all progressive bonuses. Most sites take a tiny piece of each poker bet to create the prize pool.

Best Bad Beat Jackpot Offers

Now that you know how bad beat jackpots work, it’s time to check our list of the best offers. They are presented in no particular order — you can choose your favorite based on the criteria and benefits that work for you.

BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

BetOnline PokerBetOnline offers a big progressive bad beat jackpot offer any player can win if they are playing at qualifying tables and have fulfilled the criteria.

The jackpot is constantly changing, but it’s typically higher than $20,000. Still, it ranges from as little as $10,000 to $300,000.

The jackpot prize is awarded like this:

  • 20% goes to the losing player.
  • 15% goes to the winner.
  • 12.5% goes to the remaining players.
  • 12.5% goes to players on other Bad Beat Jackpot tables.
  • 5% are the site’s fees.
  • 35% remains in the jackpot fund.

For your losing hand to be considered a bad beat, it has to be Four of a Kind Deuces or better. Also, you need to be playing at a Bad Beat Jackpot table, and a total of four or more players need to be part of the hand.

Sportsbetting Bad Beat Jackpot

Sportsbetting PokerSportsbetting offers an interesting progressive bad beat jackpot that’s pretty similar to the one BetOnline has. The criteria are alike, and the losing hand also has to have Four of a Kind Deuces or better.

The jackpot rewards go from $8,000 to $280,000 in most cases.

The prize pool is awarded in the same way as with BetOnline, with the lion’s share going to the winner — 20% of the pool.

It’s worth mentioning that those players who are in a qualifying game when the jackpot hits receive their share as long as they are part of the hand. If you’re sitting it out, you won’t receive a prize.

Ignition Casino Bad Beat Bonus

Ignition PokerIgnition has a different bad beat offer, but it’s still worth every penny. It’s not a jackpot, but it’s much easier to get, and you can pocket up to $1,000.

However, it comes with a few requirements if you want to claim it:

  • Pocket cards must be part of both the losing and the winning hand.
  • The losing and winning hands have to go to a showdown.
  • Three or more players have to be part of the hand.

Also, bear in mind that the offer works only for Texas Hold’em cash games, while tournaments are not eligible.

Final Thoughrs

Even though a bad beat is undesirable in poker, you can rely on jackpot offers to cover your losses.

You only need to follow the criteria listed by the poker sites, and you’ll have the chance to receive a big part of the bonus.

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