Adrian Sterne

Adrian Sterne

Hello! My name is Adrian Sterne and I am the editor-in-chief and owner of this site dedicated to poker — the best card game in the world.

I have been a part of the vibrant poker industry for fifteen years and counting.

Babies Player PokerSince my humble beginnings, I have tried all sorts of poker tournaments, cash games, etc. both online and offline around the world.

Although I play land-based poker from time to time, online poker is my true passion.

In fact, ever since I started my career, I have been very active on various online poker platforms and I managed to win a fair share of cash prizes as a poker player.

The reason I started is that I wanted to help people experience the same things I did, but skip a couple of unnecessary steps in the process that I had to go through.

In other words, when I started playing poker, I had no idea how things worked on the web. Even 15 years ago, there were many poker platforms, and some of them were better than others.

Nowadays, it’s pretty much impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to poker platforms. It takes time to research them all and get comfortable without stumbling upon scam sites. Therefore, I decided to utilise my knowledge about online poker and make a site that will focus on online poker sites that are worth your time.

There are many poker enthusiasts out there who simply want to be a part of the poker world, and this site is a perfect introduction to that. I do my best to update the site with the latest pieces of information that will help people upgrade their game, learn more about online poker, and ultimately find a poker platform that meets their needs.

Web DeveloperApart from poker, I also work part-time as a web developer, which is my other passion.

Although I haven’t received any formal education (I’m a college dropout), I taught myself the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, landing a couple of clients along the way.

However, I was dedicated to my job and gained a lot of experience along the way. I don’t dare call myself senior developer yet, but I do have some aces up my sleeve when it comes to web development.

The reason why I dropped out of college is that I was making a lot of money from playing online by the time I was a senior. I completely devoted my life to this card game, which I am still very passionate about. There is no better feeling in this world than earning a lot of money by doing what you truly love, even when you are in college.

Therefore, I wanted to use my knowledge of web development and somehow connect it to my knowledge of poker. The result is this site where I get to be my own webmaster as well as chief editor. Naturally, I joined forces with other poker lovers along the way, creating a team of passionate individuals who all have one goal in common — to improve your online poker experience.

Let’s make one thing clear, though! I still prefer to say that I am primary a poker player rather than a web developer. Although I have a couple of long-term web development clients, I still focus most of my energy on playing poker and helping others improve their online poker game experience.

To sum up, poker has taught me a lot about life, and that’s why I consider it the best card game in the world even Snoopy is playing. I’ve learned how to play my cards in real life, made a lot of friends (both online and offline), earned a lot of money, and, most importantly, had fun! In fact, I still have fun playing poker and I enjoy every single hand!

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