Dan Bilzerian Claims To Be A Pioneer of LAG Poker Style

Last Updated on July 26, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

Self-proclaimed “Instagram King” and high stakes poker pro Dan Bilzerian is at it again.

He recently appeared as a guest on The Geordie Podcast and claimed he was one of the pioneers of the loose-aggressive (LAG) style of poker which is now commonly adopted by some of the world’s best poker players.

Bilzerian has received flak in the past from the poker community for claiming to have won millions playing poker. He stoked that fire yet again by claiming to have beaten one player for $54 million, in what he called a “Scarface” moment.

Bilzerian likes to show off his extravagant lifestyle on social media, which impresses a lot of people but also ticks of many in the poker community. He hangs out with models, drives luxury cars, and explores the world with not a care in the world. His happy-go-lucky personality and often controversial life is one of the main reasons why he has gained a massive following on Instagram. Bilzerian currently has 27.6 million followers on Instagram and he continues to grow in popularity on social media.

Bilzerian was invited as a guest to the 115th edition of the True Geordie Podcast which was taped at the end of the 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP). The 38-year-old proudly talked about himself and his luxurious lifestyle but was also willing to open up on his “poker career“.

True Geordie


While rumour has it that Bilzerian has a substantial trust fund which enabled him to accumulate such wealth, he told the True Geordie Podcast that there’s actually no truth to the trust fund story and that he simply allowed the speculation to continue circulating as it allowed him to enter really good poker games.

Bad Poker Player Reputation Helps

Bilzerian said he is happy to receive flak from the poker community who claim he is a poor poker player and has not won anything significant playing poker. Bilzerian said he does not play poker for a living; he’s into the game to associate with the big names, producers, celebrities and hedge fund managers. . The Instagram King said he couldn’t care less what other poker pros thought of him as he never wanted to hang out with poker players.

The podcast has received over 600,000 views thanks to Bilzerian’s massive fan following. However, the episode was disliked more than 3,200 times and attracted a lot of negative comments!

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