Top 3 Anonymous Online Poker Pros With Over $1M in Earnings

Last Updated on June 30, 2020 Author:Adrian Sterne

Top 3 Anonymous Online Poker ProsOver the past three months, online poker has enjoyed a major boost as players flock to online poker sites to continue playing amid mandated lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some casinos and poker rooms have started to reopen, significant changes and enhanced safety measures have to be implemented with coronavirus cases still continuing to rise on a global scale up to this day.

That being said, online poker traffic is expected to remain strong in the months ahead as a lot of players will most likely limit their travel and just stay at home to protect their own health.

So right now, if you’re conscious about your health and safety but at the same time itching to win big in tournaments and cash games, you can actually do so by playing online. And the bonus part is, you can achieve massive success as an online poker player without necessarily telling the whole world your true identity.

Talk about being successful but still enjoying the low-key private life you’ve always wanted, just like these millionaire poker pros who have been anonymously crushing the virtual tables:

EireAbu aka Andrew Grimason


Real Name: Andrew Grimason

EireAbu has been around for a while as he launched his online poker career on PokerStars after Black Friday in 2011. In a span of just 18 months, the player, believed to be no other than Irish poker pro Andrew Grimason, managed to amass a whopping $3.2 million in profit.

EireAbu specializes in PLO and while the player has had some lows, he would always pull off a massive comeback. Over the course of his career, he has profited $2,591,915 by playing online.



Real Name: Unknown

Azn_baller3 has earned $2 million in profit as a PLO player. A portion of the screen name, “Azn”, suggests the player could be hailing from Asia. While this player likes to play in the lower editions of highstakes cash games on PokerStars, he also does not back out on top-level competition against opponents like Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.



Real Name: Unknown

aulGonzalez Over the past six years, “RaulGonzalez” has had some highs and lows, but the online poker pro overall pocketed $1,470,632 competing online. No one could tell the player’s real identity up to this day. The only available info is that RaulGonzalez currently sits among the top 50 players in the all-time highstakes online cash game list.


Apart from avoiding the limelight, some online poker pros choose to be anonymous due to taxation. Huge winnings are usually subject to massive tax charges and not disclosing their true identities actually enable them to avoid paying taxes. Nevertheless, online poker is still a great place to start a career especially now that the threat of COVID-19 still remains and everyone’s safety is a top priority.

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