Far Cry 3 Poker: How to Win This Mini-Game

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Far Cry 3 Poker
You do not need to be a video game poker expert to play poker in Far Cry 3.

In this article, we will now show you how to win big and get the “Poker Bully” achievement while playing poker in this video game.

What is Far Cry 3 All About?

Far Cry 3 is an open-world first-person shooter from Ubisoft Montreal, a game development studio belonging to the French company, Ubisoft Entertainment SA. The game launched in 2012 for Australia, Europe, the Republic of Ireland, North America, and Canada. You can play Far Cry 3 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox360, and PlayStation 3.

Set on Rook Islands, an Asian-Pacific archipelago, the main character of the game is Jason Brody, a young American, who goes to the archipelago with his friends on a vacation. Things go wrong when Jason’s friends are imprisoned. Jason approaches the local tribe, Rakyat. The tribe agrees to help Jason only if he helps them defeat their enemies Hoyt Volker and Vaas Montenegro, who have invaded their archipelago.

Far Cry 3 has exciting features like a 2 – 4 player cooperative campaign, a map designer, a competitive multiplayer mode and more.

This Is Why Far Cry 3 Attracts Poker Players

Far Cry 3 attracts many poker enthusiasts because of the multiple references to the game of poker. As you explore the virtual world of Far Cry 3, you will notice the game of poker in the missions you complete, the items you receive, and the games you play at several locations in the virtual world.

You can unlock the poker mini-game in Far Cry 3 by liberating the Valsa Docks Outpost. The game has five poker locations, two in the south and three in the north. The towns closest to these poker locations are Bridge Control, Thurston Town, Northview Gas, Badtown, and Valsa Docks.

When you sit down at a poker game in Far Cry 3, you can choose to play at one of the four skill levels, which are as follows:

Far Cry 3: Skill Levels

Practice: You can play the poker mini-game in the practice or fun-play mode. You do not have to wager real money, which means you will not win real money. This is the most stress-free way of playing poker in Far Cry 3.

Novice: You get $100 to spend on the poker game.

Skilled: You get $150 to spend on the game.

Expert: This level comes with an allowance of $250 to wager on the game.

Choose your level with care because the games are difficult at the higher levels.

What Is the Look and Feel of Poker in Far Cry 3?

Since this is a poker game within a larger video game world, you’ll probably be satisfied with what you see. The poker games are set in secret rooms, and the game developers have ensured everything looks as realistic as possible. You’ll even see the dealer shuffling the cards and players peeking at their hands occasionally.

Professional poker players probably won’t enjoy the game that much as everything goes much slower compared to what they’re used to in real life. However, for poker newbies, these random poker sessions will be fun breaks from the main game.


How Does The Poker Game In Far Cry 3 Work?

The poker mini-game in Far Cry 3 is in the No Limit Texas Hold’em format. If you have played the $2/$4 games in the poker room at Binion’s Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, you will notice their similarity to the poker mini-games in Far Cry 3.

You may assume that Far Cry 3 poker games are an excellent substitute for online poker rooms, but nothing can be farther from the truth. While online poker games are fast, the poker mini-games in Far Cry 3 are very slow. Unlike your fellow players in online poker rooms, your opponents are powered by inefficient artificial intelligence systems, and you get only fake money while playing the game.

The game starts when you sit down at the table. Your goal is to beat your opponents by creating a strong five-card poker hand using five community cards on the table and the two cards in your hand. The Royal Flush is the best hand you can get while the High Card is the hand you really don’t want to get!

The game has four stages which are as follows:

Stage #1

The dealer shuffles the cards and deals two cards each to the players. Unlike traditional poker games, in which two players have to place a big blind bet and a small blind bet, Far Cry 3 Poker makes these bets on its own.

You have to now study your cards and make one of the following decisions:

Fold: You stop playing the game if you do not have good cards. If you fold, you will lose your bet, and you cannot make any more moves till the next game.

Check: You decide to play the game without contributing extra money to the pot.

Call: This means you will make a bet equal to the previous player’s bet and continue playing.

Raise: In addition to matching the previous player’s bet, you contribute something more to the pot. If you choose to raise, you may also go all in or bet your entire chip stack on the hand.

Stage #2

The dealer now deals out the flop and places three community cards on the table. Again, you have to study the gaming situation and choose to fold, call, check, or raise.

Stage #3

The dealer now turns over the fourth community card, and another round of betting follows this.

Stage #4

The dealer turns over the fifth card (river), and another round of betting follows before the showdown. The player with the strongest poker hand is declared the winner.

Would an amateur poker player or someone who has never played poker be able to enjoy Far Cry 3? It might take you a little time to understand how things work but it is not difficult to play. If you are unable to remember traditional poker hand rankings, here are a few tips to help you:

  • The game displays a preview of your cards, the community cards, and your current poker ranking, eliminating the need to remember poker hand rankings.
  • Alternatively, you can use the help option in the bottom left-hand corner of the gaming screen to view a list of poker hand rankings and your chances of creating a particular hand.

Win the Poker Bully Achievement

Do you want to become a poker bully while playing the poker mini-games in Far Cry 3? We will show you how you can win this award!

Although poker plays an essential role in the plot of the game, you don’t have to be a poker expert to advance in this game.

Three things that could happen whilst playing:

  • The gaming software gives you a high hand to make it easy for you to win the game.
  • Winning or losing the poker mini-game has no consequences, and the story will advance no matter what.
  • A cut scene at the beginning of the poker games gives you no choice over whatever happens next.

You can win the “Poker Bully” achievement if you win at least $1500 while playing a poker mini-game. You can do this in many ways, and one of them is by completing a side quest called “Father’s Burden” in Thurston Town.

Completing the Father’s Burden and becoming a poker bully:

  • Meet Seto outside a building in Thurston Town and get a list of stolen goods you have to retrieve to earn a reward. Seto will give you a description of the thugs who have these items.
  • The first one is a gambler, who instructs you to defeat some men at poker and get back the $300 he lost. You have to play poker, beat your opponents, and win some cash. Give back the $300 to the gambler and get back the first of the stolen goods, a necklace.
  • The second item to retrieve is the watch, which is now in the possession of a drunk. Since he is alone, you can easily shoot him and get back the watch.
  • The third item is a knife, but getting it back from the privateer who has it is difficult because he has three guards and a dog. If you use the proper strategy, you can defeat them and retrieve the knife.
  • Return the items to Seto and get your reward.

Video games always allow players to manipulate things and make gaming situations work in their favor. You can easily use this technique to cheat the system and make money playing poker. So whenever you need money to purchase weapons, you can play poker in Far Cry 3.

  • Save your game every time you join a high-stakes poker table.
  • After saving the game, start playing and bet all in.
  • If you win, you can leave the game, save it, and play another game till you have all the cash you want.
  • If you lose, you can quit the game and start from the point you previously saved.

Can You Cheat in Far Cry 3 Poker?

Poker games are only a tiny segment of the gameplay in Far Cry 3. Therefore, there’s really no need to cheat, as you can simply play the game again if you hit a losing streak. If you wish to utilize all the tools at your disposal, there’s always the notorious technique of “save scumming”.

This practice hinges on saving your game before enrolling in the highest-stakes session. After that, go into shove mode and go all-in on every hand. If you lose, simply load the saved game and try again, and if you win, keep your money and go for another round. If you keep repeating this process, you’ll inevitably win much more than you would by playing the way the developers intended.


Playing Far Cry 3 is not only an entertaining way to sharpen your skills as a video game sniper, but also gives you the chance to have fun playing poker. The poker games here are easy to play even if you are new to the game of poker. Go ahead and test out Far Cry 3 today!

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