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Video Gaming PokerOnline gaming has turned the world upside-down and become a favorite pastime of many people from different parts of the planet.

While some players prefer video games, others look for a more thrilling experience offered by online casino poker games.

On top of that, we’ve got that unique group of gamers who want the best of both worlds and play video games that feature realistic online poker add-ons.

Best Video Games Featuring Online Poker

While poker often appears in movies and TV series, finding a video game that features this world-known card game is not that common.

However, this isn’t precisely mission impossible either, which is why we’ve done our best and found the most popular video games that also feature realistic online poker sessions.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online PokerThe first game on our list is Red Dead Redemption 2 since it represents the perfect blend of video games and poker.

First of all, this title is fantastic, and according to some gamers, it deserves an honorable place among the best games of all time.

The game has a Wild West theme and features the main character, Arthur Morgan, who takes part in heists, robberies, shootings, and some old-day poker games. The poker version you can play in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Texas Hold’em, and it comes in different variations.

You can play it just for fun or use it to gather some extra funds. The opportunities to play poker appear at different locations within the game and come with different stake limits. For instance, the game with the lowest stakes takes place at the MacFarlane Ranch, while the Blackwater Hotel hosts the game with the highest stakes.

On top of that, the original Red Dead Redemption allows players to participate in some high roller games, but this comes at the cost of $250. Although in-game poker won’t provide the same experience as the real-money one, it can still offer a great level of satisfaction on both fronts.


Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 PokerShooting games can also offer a nice casino-style mini-game, and if you don’t believe it, Far Cry 3 is here to reassure you.

This outstanding first-person shooter provides not one but eight poker games available across the tropical islands, and you can join the first one once you conquer the Valsa Docks outpost on the North Island.

During the game, you’ll have access to an online map so you can find all the poker games and enjoy what seems to be No-Limit Hold’em. Moreover, the mini-games aren’t just a side deal in Far Cry 3, as they are attached to some of the most important scenes.

Overall, poker is represented exceptionally well in this video game with secret rooms and hard-core opponents. Still, all the games are automatically played, which means that no special poker skills will be necessary whatsoever.

As for audio-visual effects, the title is a real eye candy since you can see players holding cards and giving them a lot of thought. Even the dealers behave as if they were in a real land-based casino featuring all the right moves and even card shuffling.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs PokerAnother game with a fantastic poker mini-game is Watch Dogs, and it stands out from the rest thanks to several cool features.

Apart from constant action, driving, shooting, and puzzle-solving, the game offers four poker levels scattered over a fictional city modeled after Chicago.

Unlike other titles in which you can’t affect your in-game poker sessions much, Watch Dogs allows you to follow the main character, who can cheat thanks to special features. The key component of this game is the Profiler function which enables you to track the stress levels of other players and figure out which one may be bluffing.

The poker variant used in Watch Dogs is Texas Hold ‘Em, and stake levels vary, so you can adapt the game to your personal preferences and take gaming to a whole new level.


Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Grand Theft Auto PokerEven if you haven’t played it, you must have heard of it at least once in your life. Grand Theft Auto, GTA for short, is one of the most legendary creations of the video gaming industry.

The title has seen several follow-ups after the initial version, and it flourished with GTA Online, which features a free-for-all gaming environment.

The latest release is GTA V, which allows players to carry out heists, escape the police, and complete other criminal offenses. In addition, the game evolved and lived to include other add-ons, including gambling opportunities. That’s why your GTA character can visit the Diamond Resort and Casino and enjoy various games, like poker.

Even though this isn’t a real-money casino, you can purchase in-game currency and use it to place bets. The variant in question is Three Card Poker, and it’s available at two different locations in this virtual casino. You can pick between low and high stakes tables or buy a penthouse and get yourself a private poker table.

While you can’t withdraw your GTA poker winnings, you can use the in-game currency to purchase the goods you long for, such as that fancy sports car or any high-price item.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PokerWhile some of you may be familiar with the Witcher from the same-name Netflix series, gamers know it from the video game, which is just as famous. Apart from a unique and mysterious theme, the title is also famous for its mini-games.

Even before the third release, the Witcher featured a poker add-on. However, it was in the form of dice poker, and most players thought the idea could’ve been improved to feature either poker or a dice game instead of the combination of the two.

Fortunately, game creators have paid attention to fans’ suggestions and supplied the third installment with a special poker-like card game. They called this in-play card game Gwent, and it is reminiscent of poker in many ways. You’ve got three rounds in which you can fold or pass and make the best combination of the cards you get.

Although this game isn’t precisely poker as we know it, it can be a great way to take a break from the central role and do something fun on the side.


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