PokerStars To Test Out Multi-Tabling Limit Feature On Italian Market

Last Updated on July 17, 2018 Author:Juan Blanco

When you’re playing multiple tables online, there can be times when you encounter delays as other players time out on their hands. This can be frustrating when you’re grinding at several tables and you want to be able to get back to your various games.

The Stars Group, the parent company of PokerStars is aware that this has been a major concern for its players and is looking at various ways to resolve it.

Stars Group has already implemented a trial version of their “Seat Me” program, which stops players from choosing which the table they sit at. This prevents experienced players from picking on newbies. They recently announced that they will also be experimenting with a new feature and trialling it out at their Italian site. The new feature will limit a player to a multi-table limit of six.

The intent of both changes is to ensure that the poker community remains sustainable. One of the main problems in the online poker world is that skilled players often start dominating a community and end up chasing the new players away. Eventually, with no new challenges, these experienced players go away which leaves the community bereft of players. PokerStars hopes to create an environment that is fun and enjoyable for all players.

Italy Market Will Be Testing Ground

The “Seat Me” program was introduced in Spain, France, and Portugal. This gave Stars the chance to iron things out and ensure that it functions as intended. The company plans to roll out Seat Me program in Italy and at the same time will test out the new six table limit. The limit will be only on regular cash games, while Zoom and other game types will be untouched.

This change will not be felt by a majority of the players since they are already playing six tables or less. However, where it is pertinent, the limit will help boost the speed of games and ensure that customers will have a fun time.

The idea behind limiting the number of tables that a player can access is that it will limit the amount of data that a multi-tabling player will have to process. The limit lowers the amount of info that a player needs to keep in his mind. It makes it easier for the player to decide on what move to do when their turn to check, raise, or fold comes to them.

When the trial is going on, data will be collected on how players perform to see how to tweak the system even further to ensure a faster gameplay experience. There is also the expectation that multi-tablers will be able to win more as they focus on fewer tables.

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