ACR Launches Innovative Security Measure To Fight Cheating

Last Updated on February 22, 2021 Author:Juan Blanco

Americas CardroomAmerica’s CardRoom (ACR) continues to experiment and innovative to get rid of online poker bots.

The US facing poker room recently announced a brand-new solution to the long-standing problem of software-based cheating in the virtual space. The major update has been described as “groundbreaking” by online poker legend Randy “Nanonoko” Lew.

Lew who currently serves as security consultant and gameplay expert for ACR, plays a vital role in keeping the online platform free from bot-cheats. According to Lew, bot-cheats will now find it difficult to adapt to the site’s latest security update, preventing them from carrying out their unscrupulous practices.



The new technology, which is part of the site’s own graphics-based Security Initiative, primarily works by enabling pixelation change everytime a player sits down at the table. This way, ACR will no longer depend on repeated updates to fight bots, something that previously allowed the cheats to understand the site’s graphics and adjust their software accordingly.

ACR Leads The Way

In 2019, America’s CardRoom embarked on a “No Bots” initiative, making it the first online poker site to come up with a fully transparent approach to the problem regarding bots. As part of the campaign, Phil Nagy, the CEO of Winning Poker Network, ACR’s home network, went on a whistlestop tour on Twitch to explain the new policy.

During that time, Nagy pledged that they would remain committed to protecting online poker from bots. Their initial efforts resulted in one account being terminated, and more than $170,000 in funds returned to thousands of affected players.

Since then, ACR has remained at the forefront of online poker’s fight against software cheating. It recently added Lew to its security team to further strengthen their campaign. The 35-year-old offers ideas and solutions as a professional poker player who knows and understands how the game works. With the latest update, Lew is confident bots won’t be able to find a way out.

An Uphill Battle

Technology related cheating has been a major issue in the world of poker. Bots and RTA have continued to plague online poker sites despite efforts to eradicate them. Even the leading and biggest online platforms are not immune to these problems. In 2015, a bot-ring was able to penetrate PokerStars and managed to amass $1.5 million from regular players. The ring targeted those playing at mid-stakes PLO tables.

In 2020, a major cheating scandal using real-time poker software was reported on 888poker and GGPoker.

While the fight against software-based cheating in the poker world is still very much an uphill battle, major innovative developments, such as that recently announced by ACR, offer renewed optimism that the industry will eventually succeed in the fight against cheats.

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