GGPoker Upgrades RTA Detection Process Following Kruse Cheating Scandal

Last Updated on October 2, 2020 Author:Adrian Sterne

GGPokerGGPoker has upgraded their RTA detection methods in response to the latest cheating scandal involving the use of real-time solvers.

Popular streamer Fedor Kruse recently made headlines after he was exposed by his roommates for cheating using a “dream machine” while playing cash games.

Some of those sessions took place on GGPoker. The machine provided Kruse with pre-solved spots that helped him win $90,000 in just a short span of time.

The use of solvers is strictly prohibited at online poker sites but cheaters are able to bypass security and detection by using advanced techniques. In the case of Kruse, he used a two-computer set-up with two mouse devices while playing, one for the games, the other for the solver. In the middle of the sessions, he’d keep the other computer open where he’d extract the applicable pre-solved hand for a certain scenario to arrive at the best game-theory optimal decisions.

The whistleblowers claimed one of the sites where Kruse used the solver was GGPoker. After learning about the alleged cheating, the online platform said they’d acted on it immediately and banned accounts that were found to be using the software.

GGPoker has banned forty accounts for using RTA, with the site seizing more than $1 million in funds from 13 of those accounts. Those who were suspected of cheating and are still subject to ongoing investigation have been issued warnings by the site. Those attempting to use the prohibited software should now think twice as GGPoker will not hesitate to permanently ban them, and confiscate all of their funds.

GGPoker did not drop names when it issued a statement in relation to RTA-related cheating, but it’s highly likely that the site had been compelled to act as a result of the cheating scandal involving Kruse.

Player Reports To Play Huge Role in RTA Detection

Kruse was outed by his roommates after they found out that the German player continued to use solvers during his plays despite an earlier promise that he’d stop using them. His roommates confronted him about it but the former Call of Duty streamer apparently brushed the warnings aside and continued with the unethical practice.

Other players within the German poker community began suspecting Kruse when he immediately moved up the stakes in no-limit hold’em cash games in less than a year.

As part of GGPoker’s aggressive RTA detection process, it will conduct extensive data collection and analysis, and will also take player reports seriously to ensure that it provides a fair poker experience to all of its players.

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