Veronica Brill Publishes Tell-All Interview with Mike Postle’s Ex-Wife

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Veronica BrillMike Postle cheated “absolutely 100%” according to his ex-wife Sabina Johnson who spoke about her experiences with Postle when they were still together. She opened up in a tell-all video interview with Veronica Brill, the original whistleblower in the massive cheating scandal involving Postle and California poker room Stones Gambling Hall.

Brill interviewed Johnson via video call in May but the former Stones Live! commentator only published the interview on June 7. The hour-long interview mostly tackled Johnson’s failed marriage with Postle and his wrongdoings in the past.

On the subject of Postle’s alleged cheating during livestreamed cash games at Stones Gambling Hall, Johnson was sure the allegations were true, though she failed to provide any hard evidence to prove it.

Veronica Brill


She instead recounted a number of past events which showed that Postle had cheating tendencies, including one such instance when he pulled off a scam at an eatery at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno to have his damaged dental veneer repaired without him shouldering the costs.

Johnson also claimed that Postle had also been involved in a cheating controversy on PokerStars, but the investigation was eventually dropped due to lack of evidence. Her ex-husband also allegedly always bragged about being “the fleecer“. Postle isn’t afraid to cheat, and has a long history of trying to defraud businesses, according to Johnson.

Postle Documentary Thrown Into The Bin

In September 2020, a prominent movie producer announced plans to turn the Postle cheating scandal into a Netflix documentary. David Broome, best known as the creator of the reality show “The Biggest Loser“, promised that the documentary would cover both sides of the story and would not entirely be about Postle proving his innocence. Many had raised doubts about the film, including Brill herself.

Now, that documentary had allegedly been junked, according to Johnson. She also claimed that plans to create a film about the cheating scandal came about because Broome had links to Evert Caldwell of Rounder Magazine, the same person who published a number of pro-Postle articles after the cheating scandal was publicly exposed.

Postle is directly associated with Caldwell. In fact, Postle’s name was among those listed on the masthead of multiple issues of Rounder Magazine. Johnson also shared that she once worked as a model for Rounder, and that’s how she and Postle first met.

Brill is among key poker figures listed as defendants in Postle’s failed $330 million defamation suit. She responded to the suit through a $79,000 anti-SLAPP motion. Her co-defendant Todd Witteles earlier won a similar case, and she is expected to receive the same judgment on June 16.

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