Forensic Examination Begins In Stones Cheating Scandal October 15, 2019 Dusan Jovanovic

Forensic Examination Begins In Stones Cheating Scandal

 Legislation News October 15, 2019 by  Dusan Jovanovic

Mike PostleThe cheating scandal involving Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall continues to make headlines in and outside the poker world and the controversy isn’t going anytime soon.

Mainstream media outlets now publishing their own scoops on what is considered the biggest cheating scandal in the history of poker live streams.

Interestingly, the player at the center of cheating allegations has remained silent and has not issued any further statement since joining Mike Matusow on The Mouthpiece Podcast. In a two-part interview, Postle vehemently denied the accusations thrown against him saying they were all born out of hatred and jealousy.

However, Postle’s alleged victims are holding him and Stones entirely accountable for hundreds of thousands of lost funds as a result of the alleged cheating. Postle, Stones, Stones Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis, and a chief confederate who remains unnamed, are all facing a $30 million lawsuit, lodged by 25 plaintiffs.

Postle’s Lawyer Says Winning Streak Possible

Now, Postle’s lawyer has come to his defense stating that his client’s cash game winning streak which is being questioned is definitely very possible. In an interview with daily newspaper The Sacramento Bee, William Portanova reflected on his own experience, losing almost every hand when playing poker. He used his experience to justify the fact that it is quite possible for a player like Postle to keep winning in succession

Some of the game’s most prominent names, including Joey Ingram and Doug Polk, earlier claimed that Postle’s win rate was almost impossible to achieve.


Forensic Examination Will Give Definitive Evidence

After previously dismissing the claims as “completely fabricated“, Stones decided to suspend all of its livestreams to conduct a “detailed and thorough” investigation. The poker room has hired former federal prosecutor Michael Lipman to lead the inquiry.

Lipman has confirmed that Stones Gambling Hall is taking the case very seriously, saying they will dig into the details to uncover the truth. The former prosecutor also said they are taking into account analysis and views by the members of the poker community, though he claimed that most of this can only be counted as circumstantial evidence.

Lipman said they are conducting a forensic examination of the hardware, electronic devices, and computer systems used for the stream to effectively get to the bottom of the case. Stones has hired New York-based computer forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to examine the systems and Lipman confirmed that the company has now started their analysis. The investigating team hopes to obtain definitive evidence from the forensic examination as they continue to work with the Bureau of Gambling Control.

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