Mike Postle Rejects Claims He Won $250k in 1 Year During Podcast October 7, 2019 Gabrielle Monet

Mike Postle Rejects Claims He Won $250k in 1 Year During Podcast

 Players October 7, 2019 by  Gabrielle Monet

Mike PostleMike Postle continues to take the heat from disappointed members of the poker community who believe that he is a regular cheat.

Postle recently went on Mike Matusow’s “The Mouthpiece” podcast to deny these accusations and explain his side of the story.

Prior to Postle’s interview, Matusow already said on his own show that he wasn’t buying the stories coming from the poker community portraying Postle as a cheater. Last week, Joey Ingram and Doug Polk each released videos highlighting suspicious hands involving Postle during livestreamed cash game sessions at Stones Gambling Hall.

Ingram and Polk, alongside a number of poker players and fans, reviewed extensive video footage to investigate cheating claims against Postle. The scandal began to make the rounds on social media through a series of tweets by poker player Veronica Brill, aka “Angry Polak“.

In response to the accusations, Stones announced it’s suspending all of its poker broadcasts to conduct a thorough and detailed inquiry into the case.

In a two-part interview on The Mouthpiece podcast, Postle vehemently denied the cheating accusations, saying they were born out of hatred towards him. Postle clarified that he did not win $250,000 over the course of one year, contrary to what Ingram claimed. Postle said the chip stacks are usually off as players are already in action prior to the start of the livestream. The claim was absolutely impossible and he claims that he is completely innocent of all accusations.

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The poker pro also said his track record of being among the top players in the world will speak for itself and claimed that he is willing to face anyone to a game of heads-up poker once the controversy subsides.

Matusow Sides With Postle

Postle gained some sort of sympathy from Matusow, with the latter saying Postle can actually sue his accusers for slander. Matusow, a four-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, labeled the mainstream media as fake news and named Postle’s accusers are part of the conspiracy people. In light of the ongoing scandal, Matusow said he will also release his own video to prove that Postle wasn’t cheating.

Matusow invited Postle to drop by the show in the future to further clear his name, this time with more evidence proving his innocence. As of now, the poker community is not buying Postle’s side of the story!

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