Stones Gambling Hall Suspends All Livestreams After Cheating Allegations October 4, 2019 Gabrielle Monet

Stones Gambling Hall Suspends All Livestreams After Cheating Allegations

 Players October 4, 2019 by  Gabrielle Monet

Stones Gambling HallStones Gambling Hall in response to cheating allegations regarding its live-streamed cash games involving Mike Postle, has suspended all poker broadcasts as it launches its multi-faceted investigation into the accusations.

The announcement has been welcomed by Joey Ingram who earlier initiated his own investigation into the allegations by combing through hours of game footage where Postle was playing.

Ingram’s findings appeared to show that Postle indeed may have cheated on his opponents on several occasions during the Stones Live cash game show.

Stones’ initial inquiry found no evidence of cheating involving Postle. Ingram said Stones should seek the help of a new investigation team to examine if there’s any truth to the cheating claims. Stones Gambling Hall is assuring everyone the investigation will be thorough and detailed.

As the cheating controversy continues to spread across social media platforms, many took notice of a number of suspicious activities happening online, such as deleted posts on Postle’s various social media accounts, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

A new speculation has also emerged involving Stones’ tournament director and social media manager Justin Kuraitis, linking him to the alleged cheating. Some members of the online poker forum Two Plus Two, as well as those who were able to view Ingram’s live stream claim Kuraitis may actually be aware of the cheating, as evidenced in certain live-streamed sessions where Postle was always winning whenever Kuraitis was present.

Postle May Have Cheated on Terminally ill Poker Fan

If the allegations are proven to be true, it’s possible that Kevin “Racks” Roster could have also been one of Postle’s cheating victims. The poker fan, who was suffering from a terminal case of sarcoma, spent his final moments playing poker, including a session with Postle which was also included in Ingram’s review.

During his last days, Roster played at the 2019 World Series of Poker wearing a shirt that promoted awareness about the disease, and after fulfilling his last wish, Roster made the brave decision to put an end to his suffering through medical assistance on July 26. The poker community is really upset to learn that Kevin Roster could be a victim of Postle!

More players joined in on the discussion, including Doug Polk who also came up with a 28-minute YouTube video that looked into the cheating accusations against Postle. Upon reviewing some footage, Polk calculated that Postle had been making an estimated $1,400 per hour — a win rate that’s nearly impossible to achieve.

Doug Polk Poker


More clues to the alleged cheating have started to come out as the poker community continues to conduct their own investigation into the case. Postle may face legal action from victimized players if the cheating allegations are found to be true.

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