Phil Hellmuth Challenges Tom Dwan To A Rematch On High Stakes Duel III

Last Updated on September 6, 2021 Author:Juan Blanco

Tom Dwan and Phil HellmuthPhil Hellmuth won the first match he played at High Stakes Duel III On PokerGo when his opponent was sports broadcaster Nick Wright. The Poker Brat won $100,000 and Nick Wright decided he had enough of Hellmuth and quit.

PokerGO called on Tom Dwan to replace Wright and play the second game of High Stakes Duel III against Phil Hellmuth. Dwan who beat Hellmuth during the 2008 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship took the challenge on short notice and brought Hellmuth’s 7-0 streak during High Stakes Duel games to an end.

Hellmuth gave credit to Tom Dwan for playing an excellent game and bringing his streak to an end. He had the option to rematch Tom Dwan as each High Stakes Duel contest consisted of 3 games. However Hellmuth did not call for an immediate rematch as he said he needed some time to think things over and decide if he wanted to play game 3.

Elite Rounders


Hellmuth took to Twitter to inform his followers that he decided to go ahead with the rematch. He sent a text message to Tom Dwan and asked him if he was ready to rematch him. Tom Dwan retweeted Hellmuth’s message and it looks like the two poker players will have another showdown soon.


There is no official date confirmed for round three of High Stakes Duel III but it looks like the match could take place in September. This is because the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) will start at the end of September in Las Vegas, Nevada. Phil Hellmuth plans on playing at the WSOP and Tom Dwan will also make appearance.

With the WSOP going into November 2021, it seems highly like that the two players will want to finish round 3 of their High Stakes Duel III match before the 2021 WSOP starts. If they don’t agree to a date before the 2021 WSOP, then it will most likely take place after the WSOP ends.

Will Hellmuth Continue His Dominance?

Hellmuth has enjoyed enormous success at High Stakes Duel having beaten top players such as Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu. He has won over $1.5 million from his 7 games at High Stakes Duel.

The Poker Brat will now put $200,000 on the line to rematch Tom Dwan which will raise the total prize pool to $400,000. Will Hellmuth be able to beat Tom Dwan and continue his dominance at High Stakes Duel or will Dwan take him down again? We will have to wait and see!

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