Jacob Chavez’s Wife Accuses Polk and Adelstein of Harassment

Last Updated on November 3, 2022 Author:Adrian Sterne

Savannah Hale accuses Doug Polk and Garett Adelstein of harassmentSummary

  • Savanah Hale claims Polk and Adelstein asked her to incriminate her husband and Lew
  • Hale’s spouse Jacob Chavez was accused of being Lew’s co-conspirator
  • Lew and Chavez allegedly have a romantic relationship

The Hustler Casino Live (HCL) cheating controversy isn’t going away anytime soon, with the scandal now becoming more of a personal issue.

Recent conversations have highlighted the supposed romantic relationship between Robbi Jade Lew and her friend Jacob “Rip” Chavez who played with her at the same table when the incident took place. Chavez was accused of being Lew’s co-conspirator when the alleged cheating happened.

Chavez’s Wife Asks Polk and Adelstein to Leave Her Alone

This week, Chavez’s wife Savannah Hale took to Twitter to express her support for both Lew and her husband, maintaining that the pair did not cheat at the table and in their respective marriages.

Hale also claimed she felt harassed after receiving plenty of messages from several individuals, including Doug Polk and Garrett Adelstein, asking her to “incriminate” Lew and Chavez. Hale hit out at Adelstein, saying he “lost fair and square” and that he must return the money and leave her alone.

In response to Hale’s tweet, Adelstein said it was her who messaged him first. His reply was accompanied by a screenshot of a conversation between him and Hale, which shows the latter saying the scandal was “much deeper than anyone knows“.

Hale later clarified that the comment was not about the alleged cheating scandal. Rather, it was about the possibility of her family being dragged into the controversy.

Chavez, Lew’s Husband Charles Also Speak Up

Speculations about Lew and Chavez being involved in an extramarital affair were triggered by an investigative video previously published by Polk on YouTube. The Upswing Poker founder who no stranger to a spat also replied to Hale’s recent tweet, saying it was her who followed him on Twitter and that he only tried to message her to get her views on the incident. He denied harassing Hale and asking her to incriminate anyone.

In response, Hale’s husband Chavez called out Polk, telling him to leave her wife alone, regardless if she followed him on Twitter. He said Polk should act appropriately as a “grown man“. He went on to accuse the American poker pro of exposing his wife’s “vulnerability“.

Lew just can’t stay silent on the issue and criticized Adelstein for dragging family members into a dispute that should involve only those who were present at the table when the alleged cheating took place. Lew also expressed her appreciation towards Hale for putting up with the toxicity of drama-driven trolls. Lew’s husband Charles also broke his silence and defended his wife and Hale.

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