GGPoker Launches Tournament Staking Feature To Boost Online Poker Offering

Last Updated on February 20, 2020 Author:Gabrielle Monet

GGPokerThe legal online poker market is growing slowly but surely all over the world.

However, online poker operators are looking for ways to boost their gross gaming revenues by experimenting with new poker variants, special promotions and upping their tournament prize money.

GGPoker isn’t as well-known as some of the major online poker rooms in the world but the poker operator is making big strides to become one of the major players in the game. GGPoker recently announced that it has introduced a new tournament staking feature into its online poker offerings.

For those who are not familiar with the tournament staking concept, this brief explanation should help you get a quick overview. There are a lot of poker staking websites out there like YouStake and ChipMeUp that allow poker players to get investors to stake them and boost their bankroll so they can buy-in to tournaments they would like to play.

These poker players sell a percentage of their action and when they win, they have to pay out their backers or investors the percentage promised. If the player ends up losing, then the investor gets no payment in return and the poker player loses less money because he did not stake the entire amount. YouStake has turned into one of the most popular staking websites in recent times because there are a lot of players selling both their live poker and online poker stakes.

GGPoker decided that it was time for it to integrate its own tournament staking platform. This allows players to sell part of their own action at the GGpoker website. It also allows players to stake or buy-in to another players action directly at the GGpoker website. This new tournament staking feature eliminates the need for players or backers to go to third party staking websites – the middleman is now cut out at GG poker!

Buying & Selling Stakes

The new staking feature at GGpoker is very easy to understand and use. Players have the option to sell a percentage of their stake and raise funds and boost their bankroll. They also have the option to buy-in to another player’s bankroll and see if they can make money through their investment.

Daniel Negreanu who is an ambassador for GGpoker recently sold some of his poker action. The entire staking process for both buying and selling is operated automatically. Do check out the GGpoker website to learn more about this new staking feature.

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