Adelstein Gets On Doug Polk Podcast And Opens Up On HCL Scandal

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 Author:Juan Blanco

Garrett Adelstein and Doug PolkSummary:

  • Adelstein appeared on Doug Polk’s podcast and said Lew cheated
  • A third-party investigation found no evidence of any wrongdoing committed by Lew
  • Adelstein said he won’t return to HCL at least for now

Despite an independent investigation finding Robbi Jade Lew innocent of cheating, her main accuser Garrett Adelstein is sticking to his belief that the poker newbie cheated on him during the controversial J4 hand on Hustler Casino Live (HCL).

Adelstein Confident that Lew Cheated

Garrett Adelstein has kept a low profile since the September 29 incident on HCL, avoiding interviews and even taking a break from live-streamed cash games. But the cash game specialist has now broken his silence, maintaining that Lew acted dishonestly when she made that wild all-in call. Appearing on Doug Polk’s podcast, Adelstein also stated that he would not return the $135,000 that Lew handed back to him during the game in question.

Adelstein’s interview with Doug Polk came shortly after HCL co-owner Nick Vertucci confirmed that the Las Vegas poker player will not be allowed to join the show for the time being.


The interview touched on multiple subjects, including Adelstein’s ongoing feud with fellow cash game player Nik Airball, but the 15,000 concurrent viewers were mainly interested in the HCL cheating scandal and whether Adelstein has already accepted that Lew won the hand fair and square.

Well, the results of the third-party investigation which cleared Lew of any wrongdoing have not changed Adelstein’s stance on the matter – he still believes that he was cheated. And because of that, he thinks he deserves to have all of the $135,000 that Lew gave back to him shortly after the controversial poker hand, and he will not be giving Lew any of it. That’s despite calls from several members of the poker community for him to return the money to her.

Adelstein Not Expecting HCL Comeback

Lew has officially made a comeback to livestream poker over the past couple of months, engaging in some cash game action on Live at the Bike and The Lodge Card Club in Texas which is co-owned by Polk. She has yet to reappear at HCL, but she might show up in future games.

Meanwhile, Adelstein hasn’t played in any live-streamed game since the scandal and it’s a personal decision according to him. Confident that Lew cheated, Adelstein said the female player “has a lot of balls” to play again after that infamous hand.

The high-stakes pro also ruled out returning to HCL for the time being, but he praised the show’s co-owner Ryan Feldman for being the “very best at what he does”, crediting him for the massive success of the Hustler stream.

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