Adelstein Not Allowed to Return to Hustler Casino Live For the Time Being

Last Updated on March 22, 2023 Author:Juan Blanco

Garrett AdelsteinSummary:

  • Adelstein won’t be back at HCL anytime soon owing to a business decision made by the owners
  • He will also not be participating in the $1 million buy-in cash game in May
  • Adelstein argues it’s his own decision not to play live-stream poker following the cheating scandal

We won’t see action from Garrett Adelstein on Hustler Casino Live (HCL) anytime soon as the cash game specialist has been indefinitely suspended from joining the show following the cheating scandal involving him and Robbi Jade Lew.

A Business Decision

Adelstein accused Lew of cheating after losing a $269,000 pot in a controversial hero call by her female opponent. Shortly after the scandal erupted, HCL owners Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci confirmed that a thorough investigation would be launched into the alleged cheating incident. The probe, carried out by a third-party law firm, found no evidence of cheating and Lew was ultimately vindicated.

Adelstein has not appeared on HCL since the infamous hand and he will not be returning to the show in the near future. Vertucci said on the Nick Vertucci Show that he and co-owner Feldman made a “business decision” not to allow the high-stakes poker cash game specialist to join HCL for the time being.


Vertucci clarified though that Adelstein, who is HCL’s most popular player, is not banned from the show. He also made it clear that the reason for Adelstein’s indefinite suspension was nothing personal and that he and Feldman have no hard feelings towards the Los Angeles cash game star.

Vertucci revealed that he initially proposed the idea of reuniting Adelstein and Lew in the same episode, a move that will surely draw plenty of views which will be beneficial for the show. But Feldman rejected the idea and Vertucci respected his business partner’s decision.

Adelstein earlier hinted on Twitter at the possibility of him participating in Hustler’s $1 million buy-in cash game in May. All hopes of seeing him play at what’s been dubbed the “biggest game in poker history” have now been quashed following confirmation from Vertucci that he will not be part of the line-up.

Adelstein Responds

Vertucci’s comments appear to have irked Adelstein with the latter saying it was his own decision to avoid all poker streams for the last 6 months. In a tweet, he accused HCL and its owners of using his name for clicks.

While Adelstein will be missing in action from HCL for an indefinite period, he has the option to shift to HCL’s rival show, Live at the Bike (LATB) which Lew recently played at, the Parkwest Bicycle Casino just near Hustler. LATB’s executive producer Houston Curtis said Garrett is very much welcome at LATB and can join the show whenever he wants to.

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