Americas Card Room Embraces Over 60 Cryptocurrencies

Last Updated on October 25, 2017 Author:Adrian Sterne

Americas Card Room (ACR) is one of the popular online poker websites that continues to provide services to U.S poker players.

The online poker room decided to incorporate Bitcoin – the popular cryptocurrency a few years ago and was happy with the response it received from its players.

Bitcoin has grown considerably in value and popularity during the last two years rising from $2,000 to $4,000 in value during a 12 month period and currently sits at over $5,000 in value.

This explosive growth has turned Bitcoin into the most sought after cryptocurrency and has also helped promote the global cryptocurrency industry which is also growing rapidly.

Most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin use blockchain technology which enables users to process transactions immediately, avoid government scrutiny as it operates on a decentralized network, keep their identity anonymous and rely on excellent security protocols that protects them from hackers and malware.

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Online poker players tend to look for precisely these features when choosing an online casino or online poker website as they prefer to keep their identity a secret, want the assurance of having their financial information protected and do not want to waste any time in processing transactions. ACR has embraced the cryptocurrency market and now offers players more than 60 different cryptocurrencies to choose from. This enables online poker player at ACR to select their favourite cryptocurrency and process their deposits and withdrawals without any delay.

In a statement, Michael Harris, a representative for Americas Cardroom said

We don’t pretend to be cryptocurrency experts, and we aren’t backing one over another. But anything we can do to embrace blockchain technology and help players enjoy the game is a big deal

Poker players who do not have any experience of using cryptocurrencies will find it very easy to setup a cryptocurrency payment option at ACR. They will first have to open a cryptocurrency wallet at any of the popular cryptocurrency ewallet websites. Once they open an account, they will then have to go to a cryptocurrency exchange and use their credit or debit card to purchase the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Once this is complete, they can signup for an ACR online poker account and go to the banking page to link their cryptocurrency account with their online poker account. While the process looks a bit complicated, it is very simple and once linked, cryptocurrency
transactions at ACR will be processed immediately.

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