Americas Card Room Now Accepts Bitcoin

Last Updated on February 18, 2015 Author:Adrian Sterne

Americas CardroomAs you may already be aware, some US States have now given the green light to locally licensed casino and poker venues to be able to offer their range of poker games to State wide residents and those players are able to freely make deposit into those locally licensed and regulated poker sites using one of many different depositing options.

However, should you live in one of the many US States that have not yet decided to legalize online gaming and online poker sites you can often find it is quite hard to find a depositing option that allows you to make hassle free and seamless deposits into an online poker site account, and you can also find there are going to be huge delays when you choose to make a withdrawal from a site that has been able to accept your deposits!

There is now a brand new way that you can not only fund your online poker site accounts and also benefit from instant withdrawals no matter in which US State you live, and this is by your signing up for a Bitcoin Web Wallet account and buying and then using Bitcoin as you preferred deposit and withdrawal option.

However, it is very true to say that there are not many online poker sites that will allow you use Bitcoin as a banking option at their respective sites, but fortunately one of our top rated and featured online poker sites has now decided to allow all of their players to be able to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their poker accounts using Bitcoin, and that poker site is the Americas Card Room Poker site.

If you want to play poker online for real money then please do seriously consider the many benefits that out will have be becoming a player at the Americas Card Room Poker site, for you will be able to fund your account using Bitcoin and get paid out all of your winnings instantly and those winnings can be sent directly to your Bitcoin Wallet account, and by playing here you are going to have access to a large range of online Poker tournaments and their live cash ring Poker table games are up and running 24/7 and offer a wide range of different poker game variants and a range of different table stake limits. Give them a try today!

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