888poker Bot Crackdown In 2023 Brings Success With $350K Refunded

Last Updated on January 19, 2024 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic


  • 888poker has had positive results in 2023 as it continued to crackdown on bots
  • Over $350k has been refunded and 160 accounts have been banned
  • 888poker says players play a vital role in detecting fraudulent accounts

As part of its commitment to keeping poker fun and fair for everyone, 888poker has continued to guard its online platform from any illicit activities involving bots and real-time assistance (RTA).

The past few years saw the operator ramp up its campaign against those that utilize prohibited tools, resulting in significant amounts of money returned to players. 888poker has always been transparent in this area, providing details of the amount of refunds and the number of accounts banned each year.

In 2023, 888poker’s efforts led to over 160 accounts being blocked, with over $350,000 refunded to the affected players.

More Accounts Banned in 2023 for Using RTA

The use of bots, RTA, and other prohibited software continues to be a problem for 888poker, and the operator is doing everything in its power to address the issue. Sharing data for 2023, 888poker disclosed that it banned a total of 161 accounts for using artificial intelligence (AI) and RTA in the middle of games.

The operator issued refunds amounting to $362,893 to a total of 4,068 affected players. Of that amount, $250,000 came directly from 888poker’s personal funds as a lot of money could not be reclaimed from the banned players.

Highlighting the crucial role that the player community plays in detecting illegal activities within the platform, 888poker stated that players have been helping the site get rid of the bad elements by providing it with vital information on suspicious accounts.

Player Reports Key in Detecting Illicit Activities

The support from players and 888poker’s enhanced detection mechanisms have continued to bear fruit, as the site now offers one of the cleanest and safest playing environments in online poker. Matan Krakow, Head of Poker Offering at 888poker, vowed to continue to do everything in their power to keep the game fun and fair, while giving utmost importance to player feedback.

The over $360K in refunds issued by 888poker last year represent a 26% increase from 2022 when it returned nearly $300K to 6,801 players. In 2021, when it began reporting the figures, the amount stood at nearly $100,000 distributed to more than 4,000 players.

The increase in numbers could mean that fraudulent activities are on the rise, however, 888poker attributes that to its increased investment in AI and data capabilities.

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