4 Tips To Help Transition From Live To Online Poker

Last Updated on July 14, 2020 Author:Adrian Sterne

Live Poker & Online PokerThe COVID 19 pandemic has brought several industries to their knees, including live poker, and it still remains uncertain whether things could actually get back on track.

While live poker tournaments have taken a hit around the world, online poker tournaments have received a massive boost.

This is because live poker players are now forced to turn online to continue their poker career. While one might think the transition from live poker to online poker for real money is relatively easy, there are quite a few things that one must change and be prepared for to have a successful online poker career.

If you’re into cash games, here are some important things you must remember to help you get started with your online journey.

1. Game Speed Is Much Faster

Online cash games are usually fast-paced, compared to playing the games live. In a full ring live poker game, there are normally 25-30 hands dealt per hour. That’s significantly different from playing the game online where around 60-80 hands are dealt each hour.

Live cash games also tend to have more downtime between playable hands, compared to online cash games. That figure changes as you multi-table, so be prepared.

2. Start From The Bottom

Considering that you’re still new to online poker, you have to be extra careful when using your bankroll. It’s wise to begin at the smaller stakes, for example at $0.10/$0.25, or $0.25/$0.50.

The beginners usually play in these stake levels, making the field softer. But take note though that this isn’t always the case in all online platforms as others have tougher fields even in the smallest stakes.

3. Learn The Tools

Unlike in live poker where you rely mostly on your own skills, at the virtual tables you can actually make use of tools to enhance your play. Examples of these tools are tracking software such as Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, as well as poker solvers like Simple Postflop and PIO Solver. Find time to learn how to use these tools as they’ll help you big time in making decisions.

4. A Good Set Up Will Go A Long Way

Since you’re transitioning online, you need to prepare a set up that allows for smooth and convenient playing. This does not necessarily mean investing in expensive equipment; you just need to make sure you’ll have uninterrupted play.

You can start with a two-monitor set up, or you can also use a laptop and add an external monitor. This way, you can multi-table with ease. For added comfort, fix your table and get a chair that won’t make you feel drained during long hours of play.

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