Key Items That Poker Players May Bring To The WSOP

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The 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is fast approaching and poker players from around the world have made plans to show up at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The WSOP is the biggest poker tournament in the world and will produce non-stop poker action for a month and a half.

The tournament will draw thousands of poker players who will prepare themselves to spend thousands of dollars on different event buy-ins and hope that they will walk away with a life changing sum of money. Action at the 2024 WSOP will be hectic and stressful.


Things to consider taking to this years WSOP

We take a look at some of the items that poker pros can bring with them to the WSOP to make things easier for them at the felt.

Staying Hydrated

Poker pros can play for hours on end and get so caught up in the action that they forget to hydrate themselves. That’s a massive mistake as it can not only slow them down physically but also impact them mentally. Players should bring a bottle of water and make sure that it is refilled as soon as it is empty.

Healthy Food

Drinking water should be number one on your priority list in taking care of your health at the tables. However, it is also important for you to keep snacking so that your energy levels don’t drop. We say snacking because having a large meal can slow you down. Instead, stock up on energy bars, nuts and even some fruit.


Given the fact that you are going to expose yourself to long hours of play, put yourself in stressful situations and be sitting most of the time, you could quite possibly end up with a headache, a sore throat and even fatigued. Make sure you get some over the counter medication and have it ready as a precautionary measure.

Power Bank

You could end up spending hours at a table and your phone battery could end up dying. If you have a charging station nearby, you can quickly recharge. However, to be on the safe side, do have a power bank with you that will allow you to charge your phone right form your table.


You may have already bought in online to the events you want to play. We still advise you to carry some cash with you as it will come in handy when you want to tip the dealer, waitress or placing any side bet.

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