Five Poker Vloggers You Can Learn From In 2019

Last Updated on March 27, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

A lot of new poker players get overwhelmed because they think that poker is a little too complicated for them to be successful.

Thankfully, in our age of social media, poker vloggers are available to help you out with your game. Just watching their vlogs can help poker players greatly improve their game.

There are tons of vloggers out there and that makes it difficult for new poker players to decide who they should follow and learn from.

Here is a look at five popular vloggers that we think are worth watching. You can Google them or search for them on YouTube and start following their vlogs.

#1 Joey Ingram

Joey IngramJoey Ingram is also known as ‘Chicago Joey‘ and he’s a pretty funny guy to follow. He’s been making vlogs for nine years and his content is pretty consistent.

Ingram has a live recorded podcast called the Poker Life Podcast and he uses a lot of that content for his vlog. This means you’ll be hearing a lot of interviews with some of the top names in poker, both live and online.

Some of his videos also feature hot topics of the day and recaps of cool poker moments. There are also some strategy videos for no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha players.

#2 Tim Watts

Tim WattsTim Watts was one of the first poker vloggers and uses the handle ‘TheTrooper97‘.

He started broadcasting back in 2012. Since then he has progressed to releasing four videos every week.

These videos detail his daily life and his poker journey in Vegas.

#3 Kristy Arnett

Kristy ArnettKristy Arnett brings something different to the table. She used to be a Presenter for a popular poker company but now plays professional poker and vlogs her experiences.

She’s been playing poker since she turned 19 and turned pro in 2014. She’s has over 10,000 subscribers and her content is always interesting and unique.

Kristy Arnett Poker


#4 Andrew Neeme

Andrew NeemeAndrew Neeme has just reached the 100,000 subscriber mark and is one of the more popular vloggers in the industry.

He plays live poker most of the time in Las Vegas and vlogs all about it. His poker journey is very interesting and has garnered him fans from all over. If you want to see someone play poker in a live environment, this is the guy to follow.

He vlogs once a week so you won’t be drowned by his content.

#5 Johnnie Moreno

Johnnie MorenoJohnnie Moreno aka ‘JohnnieVibes‘ has been playing professionally for over a decade. He is usually in Vegas and San Diego and produces content for his DeepVibes brand.

His latest achievement is a 30-day challenge of playing 150 hours of no-limit hold’em and vloggin the experience.



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