WSOP To Review Dealer Error At WSOP Paradise Involving Daniel Neilson

Last Updated on December 18, 2023 Author:Adrian Sterne

Daniel NeilsonSummary:

  • Dealer error ends up costing Daniel Neilson over $160,000 in equity at WSOP Paradise
  • WSOP cannot provide Neilson with any recourse, promises detailed review into the incident
  • Daniel Neilson disappointed and shares his thoughts on what happened

The inaugural edition of the 2023 WSOP Paradise tournament in the Bahamas turned out to be quite the success for the operator but for one incident that has ended up costing Aussie poker player over $160,000 in equity.

WSOP Paradise – Dealer Error

The error took place in the WSOP Paradise Main Event which had a $5,300 buy-in. One of the players that made it to the final table was Daniel Neilson who lost a big pot to Stanislav Zegal who would go on to win the Main Event, collect $2 million and a customized WSOP bracelet.

A dealer error happened when Neilson lost the post as the dealer miscalculated the pot and counted 38 million in chips instead of 48 million which resulted in Neilson paying an extra 10 million in chips. As a result, he was left with 5.2 million in chips when he should have had 15.2 million in chips.


The error wasn’t noticed even by the officials and was only confirmed when the live stream was reviewed. Neilson was eliminated from the final table in 3rd place and collected $900,000.

Ty Steward, WSOP Executive Director said

The official position in any tournament is that if action was accepted by all parties there would be no recourse once tournament play has concluded. Any corrective action would need to take place while the player remains in the event. We do not, nor does any operator in the world that I’m aware, retroactively award ICM value or any monetary compensation in such situations. We are thoroughly reviewing the matter.

Neilson Disappointed With The Entire Situation

Neilson released a statement and said

I understand that when something like this happens not much can be done, but I think being three-handed of the WSOP [Paradise] Main Event they really should have more procedures in place to make sure something like this doesn’t happen

He went on to say

It cost me an enormous opportunity to win a Main Event and bracelet. On top of that, after the hand the stream was showing the incorrect amount of chips I had for future hands, it made my play look horrible, the commentators even commented that my cards must be wrong as they can’t believe I would play like that. I’ve received over 100 messages asking WTF I was doing. I’m hoping they can do something to make the situation right.

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