WPT Looks To Monitor Data and Content Revenue With Whip Media FASTrack

Last Updated on August 9, 2023 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

World Poker Tour and Whip Media FASTrackSummary:

  • WPT announces partnership with Whip Media
  • The new partnership is aimed at monitoring data and content revenue earnings
  • WPT will leverage the Whip Media FASTrack solution which is in beta stage

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is one of the respected and well-known brands in the global poker community.

The WPT announced this week that it has entered into a partnership with Whip Media and will leverage the Whip Media FASTrack solution to help achieve its global data and content goals.

WPT To Leverage Whip Media FASTrack Solution

The WPT currently leverages both digital and linear platforms to distribute its content across 150 countries. Some of these platforms that the WPT uses include Amazon Freevee, Pluto TV, Vizio, Samsung TV Plus, WatchFree Plus, Fubo and Xumo.

The WPT is looking to make a bigger impact with its content and this partnership with Whip Media will enable it to do exactly this. The WPT will be using the Whip Media FASTrack solution that was customized to address issues related to AVOD and FAST channel reporting.

The Whip Media FASTrack solution will also help the WPT to analyse and monitor the overall reporting that comes in from all its distribution partners. This will enable the WPT to have better insight over its viewership and revenue data that comes from their livestreams, TV series and all of their episodes. This solution will enable the WPT to successfully manage and measure the performance of all its content and data.


In a statement, Marc Dion, WPT’s Director of Distribution and Ad Sales said

Whip Media has taken on the challenge of marrying disparate data sources from FAST and AVOD into actionable insights. WPT appreciates Whip Media’s collaborative approach to develop FASTrack, making sure to capture details and KPIs that are most meaningful to our business.

The 21st season of the WPT Main Tour is currently under production and is set to air in the United States on Bally Sports. The WPT will also air a number of other poker shows and global tournaments in the coming months.

Whip Media FASTrack Solution

Whip Media is yet to officially release its new Whip Media FASTrack solution as it is currently in beta stage. Whip Media is working with a number of top brands such as the WPT, Best Ever Channels and OTT Studio as beta launch partners to test out their new solution.

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