Fei Releases Audio To Prove Mars High Stakes Poker Cheating Scheme

Last Updated on December 8, 2023 Author:Adrian Sterne

Tony Mars and Wesley FeiSummary:

  • Cheating allegations made against poker players who played high stakes poker
  • Tony Mars who was alleged to have cheated initially denied all cheating claims
  • However audio recording provided by Wesley Fei does not have any cheating claim denial statements

The poker world has been rocked by another alleged cheating scandal just before 2023 can wrap up.

This time the allegations are from Chinese poker players who engage in high stakes poker and have appeared on Hustler Casino live.

Cheating Allegations Made Against Tony Mars

Tony Mars and Wesley Fei are two Chinese poker pros and former friends who regularly played high stakes poker. Things started to go sour badly between the two after Fei accused Mars of cheating at a high stakes private poker game that saw him walk away with $3 million.

Fei said at a home game in California, Mars and a couple of other players brought in marked cards and used to cheat with the help of the dealer called “Mike” who is allegedly Arnaud Mattern, a French poker player who has $2.5 million in winnings based on his Hendon Mob profile.

Fei says that this group of poker players worked together to cheat at high stakes home games and steal millions. One of the players who was part of this group is alleged to be “Bruce” who is from Pennsylvania and is a convicted felon better known as Shane Hennen.

When the cheating rumours made headlines in the poker community, Mars quickly refuted those allegations and claimed he never resorted to any cheating.

Fei Releases Audio Recording Of Phone Conversations

To further back his claims against Mars, Fei has now published a recorded phone conversation with him and Mars. The conversation takes place in Mandarin and the translation done by ChatGPT shows that Mars does not deny any cheating allegations and is more interested in mitigating the damage caused by going public with the cheating allegations.


The ChatGPT translation shows Mars stating

I don’t care about this matter anymore, whether this call is recorded or not. This matter is now about you losing, you winning, whether I cheated or not, whether I admitted it or not. I really don’t care anymore. I don’t want this matter to escalate further.

Mars goes on to tell Fei by making the cheating allegations public, he has made it difficult for the group of poker players to continue playing home games and making money.

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