Pokerstars Software Upgrade

Last Updated on March 7, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

PokerstarsIn regards to keeping poker players happy whilst at the same time also ensuring such players have access to the very latest games and features is something with Pokerstars have always gone to great lengths to ensure they always do, and they have just launched their newly updated latest software version which comes with plenty of additional features which should appeal to their army of poker players.

One major new feature which is offered on this updated Poker Stars software are the brand new progressive bounty type tournaments, now not only can players get bragging rights when they knock out a poker player who has a bounty of his head, but they could win a large progressive sized jackpot when they manage to finally knock that player out of these bounty tournaments.

Due to the fact that this is a progressive jackpot then plenty of excitement will be offered during the entire bounty tournament, up until the point where one lucky player actually manages to knockout the bounty player and bag the progressive jackpot for themselves.

The lobby has also been given a fully going over on the new software version and as such players will find a much easier to navigate table grouping type system, which it is hoped will seamlessly let players choose and find the game they actually want to take part in much quicker, and in a hassle
free way.

A one click game launching system has also been added to the software and this will allow players who are scrolling through the available open poker tables to click on the spare seat link and then instantly be taken to that particular table and position at the table, thus allowing them to get straight down to poker playing business immediately.

Poker Stars have always been leading the way in regards to their software platform and as such it is hoped that they will keep poker players happy and contented with this newly updated software which, having seen it, does offer an excellent and very easy to use navigation system which many players will adore.

They have also added even more ongoing poker tournaments including plenty of free rolls and as such whenever you are looking for low entry fee type of tournaments which offer some of the biggest prize pools in the industry then Poker Stars can always be relied on to deliver the goods!

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