Pokerstars Refunds Cheated Players

Last Updated on October 15, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

PokerstarsWe have just had word that Poker Stars are going to be refunding several losing players who it would appear were victims of some kind of cheating going on at that leading online poker site however the way these players had been cheated is as yet unknown.

If there is one thing that you can say about Pokerstars it is that they have integrity and are able, albeit possibly not instantly, of knowing when any form of cheating has taken place at their very busy and heavily populated online poker site.

An online poker site on which players can communicate via a message board whilst discussing tactics and other relevant information started to receive complaints from several poker players who had been playing at the Poker Stars site, these players had all been mentioning that they were unhappy with the fact that having been uncovered as cheaters the players had not been publically outed and named.

However, having consulted their legal team Poker Stars stated that whilst the affected players will all be receiving refunds on any losses on the games which cheating had been discovered on it was not for them to name the cheating players for legal reasons.

It is of course extremely good news that a major online poker site is able quite rapidly to discover any form of cheating by players whether that cheating is collusion or something much worse, and as such when they do discover it has been going on sites like Poker Stars have the integrity to refund the affected players losses.

As more and more poker sites are coming online then complete trust between player and the poker site is paramount for over the years there has been many different scandals surrounding poker sites and as such the licensing authorities are all too aware that if cheating has taken place is needs to be detected quickly and any losses to players made right as quickly as possible.

If you are hinting around for an online poker site at which to play then always check just who is licensing the poker sites you are thinking of playing at, for unlike the Poker Stars site there are many sites who are not licensed at all and anything could be going on behind the scenes, and this includes cheating and collusion which you may never find out about at lesser run sites!

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