PokerHigh Strengthens India Market Presence With Merger

Last Updated on November 30, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

pokerhighPoker website has officially joined forces with PokerHigh in a bid to strengthen the two companies’ position in the online poker industry.

The merger signed by Ultimate Gaming Technologies Pvt. Ltd which is the parent company for and Quatumskill Gaming and Tech Pvt. Lt which is the firm that operates PokerHigh.

The merger will enable the two companies to strengthen their offerings and face bigger competitors.

Player balances on have now been moved to their PokerHigh accounts as part of the agreement, according to a statement on Hippo52’s website.

The full details of the new deal have not been disclosed yet but Mithun Rebello, founder and Managing Director of PokerHigh said the combined entity will have an increased focus on offline events in India as well as internationally. Citing PokerHigh’s previous collaborations with Hippo52 in a number of events, Rebello said they will now be able to further cement their position in the market through better community engagement and combined expertise in offline poker.

Hippo52 founder Sumit Khurana’s vast experience in corporate banking makes him an ideal pick for PokerHigh’s offline events division. Khurana, a passionate, well-rounded professional, has worked with several marquee banks, including ABN Amro, HDFC and Standard Chartered.

Khurana, who will now lead PokerHigh’s offline marketing strategy team said their main goal is to promote the game of poker and help it reach its true potential in India. Khurana recognized PokerHigh’s growing popularity and said everyone at Hippo52 is excited to work with the online poker room.

India’s online poker market has grown significantly in the last few years and the competition has become a lot more stronger. The merger will help the new enterprise provide its players with a better overall gaming experience. The combined unit hopes to bring recreational players into the main fold through unique experiences and multi-dimensional offerings.

Past Collaborations

Hippo52 and PokerHigh have worked together at different events in the past, the latest of which was a skill gaming event put together by Brainduel Games in Delhi. The two companies have worked well together and this merger will help them have a bigger presence in India and look to capture a bigger portion of this growing market.

Khurana is a realist and admits that revolutionizing the Indian market and promoting poker is not an easy task but they want to set the ball rolling with the new company.

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