New Six-Plus Hold’em at Coral Poker

Last Updated on April 27, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

Coral PokerThere is a brand new poker game variant that you may be interested in learning more about or even playing over at Coral Poker and that game is their Six-Plus Hold’em which is like no other poker game variant you will have seen or played before!

What is so very different about this new poker game variant is that lots of the cards have been removed from the deck, and as such the only playing cards in the deck are those with a value of six or higher including the Ace cards and as such when you are playing it you will never be dealt out any 2, 3, 4 or 5 cards as they have all been discarded from the deck!

The game is played in such a way that that each player will still receive two initial pocket cards, and the game structure is such that there is a Flop, Turn and River Card section of the game so you will e able to place your bets and wagers in much the same way as when playing or example Texas Hold’em.

It will be the player who is holding the highest ranked hand at the showdown stage of the game that is still in the game who will be deemed to be the winner. However, due to the fewer cards in the deck the hand rankings are different!

With that in mind let us give you a quick run through of the hand rankings attached and in play on this brand new Coral Poker game, starting with the highest ranked hand.

The highest ranked hand is a Royal Flush hand and then the following poker hands are, in turn, the next highest ranked hands, Straight Flush, Four of a kind (or Quads as they are known), Flush, Full House, Three of a kind, Straight ,Two Pair, Pair, and finally a High Card hand.

If you do fancy playing this brand new poker game then just make sure you keep in mind it will call for a completely different playing strategy, however we are more than confident you will soon get to grips with the way that the game plays and pays and you will soon get to like this slot.

Coral Poker does of course offer all of the more standard poker game variants and you will find plenty of open tables and poker tournament on offer at their poker site too!

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