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Mike Postle Hit With New Lawsuit For Cheating Using His Cellphone

 Legislation News April 8, 2020 by  Juan Blanco

Mike PostleControversial poker player Mike Postle is back in the headlines again after fellow player Marle Cordeiro filed a separate lawsuit, accusing Postle of having real-time access to his opponents’ hole cards via his mobile phone.

This is the latest development in the ongoing cheating saga involving Postle and Stones Gambling Hall.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a US District Court in Southern Nevada on April 4, alleges that Postle employed a strategic way of cheating by studying the hole cards of other players, sent to his cellphone by one or more of his accomplices.

Cordeiro claims Postle’s win rate during livestreamed cash games at Stones was dubious, and simply unachievable. The lawsuit questions Postle’s ability to make the right decisions in almost every game he played, something that even the world’s best players cannot do.

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Cordeiro, through his attorney Mac VerStandig, the same lawyer representing the plaintiffs in a separate $10 million civil lawsuit against Postle, cites one particular session where she played against Postle and explains how the poker pro may have carried out the cheating.

Since 2018, Postle allegedly utilized one or more communication mechanisms to have access to his other players’ hole cards, with the knowledge of his co-conspirators. This resulted in him winning almost every time, robbing his opponents of hundreds of thousands of hard-earned real money.

Postle Cheated With The Aid of Confederates

Many in the poker community believe Stones’ Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis was directly involved in the cheating scandal, as he was primarily tasked with handling the livestreams. Postle also allegedly failed to deliver spectacular results during a few occasions when Kuraitis was out of town.

Reviewing several footages of Postle, Cordeiro claims the poker pro would often look down at his cellphone, allegedly placed between his legs during the games. What’s more puzzling, according to Cordeiro, is that Postle rarely competed in any other tournaments apart from Stones.

The court documents also detail how Postle spilled the beans during one interview, mentioning how hole cards were shown on livestream. The fact that he knew how many hole cards were displayed during the games even if he was at the felt the whole time was proof that something anomalous was happening behind the cameras, the lawsuit alleges.

Cordeiro claims Postle’s unscrupulous act led to him winning a September 2019 game against her. The outcome would have been different if Postle did not cheat. Cordeiro is seeking $250,000 in damages arising from the alleged cheating.

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