GGPoker’s Releases New ELO Rating System for Spin & Gold Games January 17, 2024 Gabrielle Monet

GGPoker’s Releases New ELO Rating System for Spin & Gold Games

 CA January 17, 2024 by  Gabrielle Monet

GGPoker Spin & Gold ELOSummary:

  • New rating system measures a player’s strength based purely on their skills, regardless of their bankroll
  • System adopts the same ELO rating system widely used in chess
  • Will be applied to all Spin & Gold games on GGPoker

GGPoker has a new rating system in place that ranks players based entirely on their skills.

If you’re someone who is drawn to poker mainly for its competitive aspect, then you might want to check out the operator’s new rating system, though it is only currently applicable to the site’s Spin & Gold games.

Spin & Gold ELO – Key Details

If you’re a fan of chess, you might have heard of the ELO rating system which is used to calculate the strength of a player based on their performance against other players. That means players are ranked according to the results of their individual games, with the winning player essentially considered as the “stronger” player. GGPoker adopts a similar rating system for its Spin & Gold games.

Unlike the typical ranking system for poker where bankroll is a major factor, the Spin & Gold ELO system rates a player based purely on their skills and win rate, notwithstanding the size of their bankroll. Meaning, even if you’re a low-stakes player, if you get consistently good results, you’ll receive a higher rank.


Can you Reach the Grand Master Status?

The Spin & Gold ELO system has seven tiers, with the first five marked with letters. E is the base tier (1,200 Rating), followed by D (1,500 – 2,000), C (2,000 – 3,000), B (3,000 – 4,000), and A (4,000 – 5,000). Those receiving a rating of 5,000+ are labeled “Master”, while the “Grand Master” status is given to the top 100 players on the site.

Each player begins in the E level. As you play and win more games, you’ll get more points and move up the ladder. But keep in mind that the system also takes into account other factors such as the current ratings of your opponents when calculating your skill level. If you win against higher-rated opponents, you’ll receive higher points. If you beat lower-rated players, you’ll get lower points.

If you lose to players with a lower rating than you, you’ll lose more points. That means the number of rating points that you’ll earn or lose in each game will vary at some point.

As per the GGPoker website, there is currently no specific reward whatsoever for any rank reached. Nevertheless, the system encourages competition among players as it gives them an idea about the skill level of their opponents.

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