Allen Kessler Takes On Strange Bench Press vs. Chicken Nugget Prop Bet

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Allen KesslerSummary

  • Poker pro Allen Kessler has to bench press more weight than Burr can eat chicken nuggets
  • Kessler admitted he hasn’t tried the bench press exercise before
  • The prop bet gained mixed reactions from the poker community

It looks like the poker community has another crazy prop bet to look forward to, this time between poker pros Allen Kessler and Melissa Burr.

The challenge revolves around probably the most bizarre items to make it to a poker prop bet – bench press vs. chicken nuggets!

Bench Press vs. Chicken Nuggets

Can Kessler bench press more weight in pounds once than Burr can eat chicken nuggets in one hour? We won’t know the answer until Kessler decides to take on the challenge.

According to a recent tweet by Burr, she and Kessler, along with fellow pros Veronica Brill and Johnnie “JohnnieVibes” Moreno are currently in talks to discuss the terms.

Supposing the prop bet pushes through, Kessler would need to bench press more weight than the number of chicken nuggets Burr can munch on in one hour. Burr, a high-stakes mixed-game poker pro who made a name for herself as the first woman to reach the final table of the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) Poker Players Championship, has an ongoing love affair with chicken nuggets.

In 2020, Burr ate 65 chicken nuggets in one hour as part of a YouTube challenge broadcast by Brill.

Mixed Opinion from Poker Community

If Burr can eat 65 chicken nuggets in one hour, all Kessler needs to do to win the challenge is to bench press more than 65 lbs. at one time. This is fairly easy to accomplish for someone who is athletic and is used to doing strength training. But Kessler isn’t that type of person.

The American poker pro, known by his moniker “Chainsaw“, admitted he has never been to a gym and doesn’t even know what bench press is. Reacting to Burr’s challenge, Kessler, who has more than $3.8 million in total live cashes, said he has a “horrible” diet and doesn’t exercise at all. This confession led several members of the poker community to believe Kessler would not be able to pull it off.

But it wouldn’t be that easy for Burr either, according to other commenters. One Twitter user said bench-pressing 100 lbs. in a single time is much easier to achieve than eating 100 chicken nuggets in one hour – that’s regardless if you’ve never done any strength exercise all your life.

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