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Top 10 Poker Tournaments

Last Updated October 2, 2018 by Adrian Sterne

As a poker player you are able to enter and take part in a lot of online poker tournaments, they do of course come in various different types and you can play them all over the place in both land based poker venues and at online poker sites.

As part of our top 10 poker guides we have compiled the top 10 poker tournaments, these offer massive prize pools and are open to everyone. So if you fancy trying for a share of some of the largest cash prizes then have a good look through this guide to find out where you can enter these poker tournaments.

As long as you can keep your nerve and bluff when you have to and also know and recognise a good hand when you see one then playing in poker tournaments can be both much more exciting and much more profitable than playing in standard poker games!

10. World Poker Tour (WPT)

World Poker Tour (WPT)

The best known poker tournament has to be the World Poker Tour, this takes place every year and is one of the biggest events that offers some huge cash prizes.

You are likely to find some of the most well known poker players taking part in this tournament, but it has been known for some relatively unknown poker players to make it onto the final table, so why not give it a shot the entry fee is not small though!

9. World Series of Poker (WSOP)

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

The World Series of Poker is another huge and very well populated poker tournament that much like the one above is held every year, you will often find some of the bigger online poker sites offering you the chance to win an entry into this event when you win a series of their own unique poker tournaments.

This is a very well attended poker tournament with some of the best poker players it the world competing so you will need to be a good player and not just a bluffer to win a cash prize in this tournament!

8. European Poker Tour (EPT)

European Poker Tour (EPT)As the name of this poker tournament suggests it is always based in Europe, however you will find players tend to jet in from all corners of the globe in the hope of them picking up one of the many cash prizes on offer.

You will have to stump up a fairly large entry fee to take part in this poker tournament however the prizes are even larger so it may be worth considering if you wish to take on some of the best players!

7. First Depositors Freeroll

This may seem like a strange poker tournament to list on our top 10 poker tournaments guide, however whenever you sign up to some online poker sites and start to play after depositing you can often gain free entry into a set of freeroll poker tournaments, and as these are free and not usually that well populated you do stand a very good chance of picking up a cash prize when you enter them!

6. Steps Sit ‘N’ Go’s

You should consider taking part in at the very least a few Sit n Go type of poker tournament, for there are never usually that many entrants into these types of poker tournaments and as such your chances of winning a cash prize are much better than when entering most other types of tournaments!

5. Irish Winter Festival

Irish Winter FestivalThis is another very popular poker tournament that is held in a land based venue in of course Ireland the event is held annually at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin and the poker tournament this year is running from the 25th to the 28th off October so maybe make a date in your dairy if you are in Ireland and fancy giving it a go!

Some online poker sites Paddy Power Poker in particular always have lots of satellite feeder poker tournaments and as such if you play in one of them you could end up with a free entry into this tournament that will have cost you just a fraction of the actual entry fee, so that is something to consider doing!

4. Caribbean Poker Tour

Carribean Poker Tour (CPT)

You will find this poker tournament is held at the latter part of each year and this year sees it running form the 8th to the 25th of November 2013 it is being held this year on two different islands those being the glorious and stunning island of Punta Cana and the equally attractive St Maarten island.

3. Irish Open

Paddy Power Poker Irish Open
You will also find another Irish Poker Tournament running each year and this is the Irish Open a popular event an one which offers some fairly decent sized prize pools, so another on to keep in mind!

2. Asia Pacific Poker (APPT)

Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT)
This has to be the Asia based poker tournament to enter which is of course as the name suggests is held on Macau.

There is a huge interest in the poker tournament each and every year and the prize pools offered at enormous which is why the 0Tour Macau event is so very popular and very highly populated with players.

1. Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT)

Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT)The final poker tournament listed on this top 10 poker tournament guide is the Latin America Poker Tour, this is often held in Argentina and as much like all of the other poker tournament we have listed above it does attract a huge number of players each year it is held.

Once again you will need to be a good player to pick up a cash prize, but as with all poker tournaments even some unknown players have been known to make it to that final table on this tournament!

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