WSOP Ontario Players Can Make Use Of The “EV Cashout” Feature in Cash Games February 7, 2023 Juan Blanco

WSOP Ontario Players Can Make Use Of The “EV Cashout” Feature in Cash Games

 CA February 7, 2023 by  Juan Blanco EV CashoutSummary

  • WSOP becomes the first in Ontario to roll out the EV Cashout feature
  • Allows players to collect their equity without finishing the hand
  • EV Cashout feature protects players from ‘bad luck’

Playing in cash games can be quite stressful for players, especially during all-in confrontations when bad luck cannot be avoided.

Fortunately, operators have come up with a feature called “EV Cashout” to prevent players from losing a huge portion of their bankroll in such scenarios. The latest to introduce the feature is WSOP Ontario.

EV Cashout Now Available on WSOP Ontario

Despite launching late, WSOP Ontario has become one of the leading online poker rooms in Canada’s largest province, thanks to its high-quality game offerings and innovative features which now include EV Cashout, the first time that such an option is being offered to poker players in Ontario.

The EV Cashout feature on WSOP Ontario works pretty much the same as the other cashout features already in place at various new online poker rooms in the international market – it allows players to get their equity during all-in confrontations without having to finish the hand.

The feature cannot be activated anytime though, as players may only use it during post-flop all-ins. One of the players in the all-in pot must also have at least 60% equity.

The decision to cash out is down to each player. If you choose to use the EV Cashout feature, you will be able to collect the value of your hand without any risk. Your participation in the all-in battle ends and you will no longer be eligible to compete for the pot.

The value of your hand is calculated using the formula, EV Cashout = (Pot Size – Rake – Jackpot Fee) x Equity.

Benefits of Using EV Cashout Feature

If you decline to use the EV Cashout feature, you’ll play the hand out as normal. Even if you are confident you have the best hand, you can get unlucky and end up losing. If that happens frequently, you’ll eventually drop down in stakes, which is frustrating. The main purpose of the EV Cashout feature is to protect you from that scenario.

When you decide to collect your equity without waiting for the hand to conclude, you are saving yourself from bad luck. You can engage in all-ins without worry, knowing that you can collect the value of your hand regardless of the outcome. This compensates for the 1% fee charged by the operator for using the feature.

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