Investigation Proves Battenfield Did Not Cheat And Use RTA October 19, 2023 Juan Blanco Investigation Proves Battenfield Did Not Cheat And Use RTA

 Legislation News October 19, 2023 by  Juan Blanco

Chris BattenfieldSummary:

  • investigation clears Chris Battenfield of cheating allegations.
  • Battenfield can once again start playing at
  • GTOWizard Fair Play Check may be a weak tool to identify cheaters.

Chris Battenfield has returned to after the operator’s investigations proved he did not cheat in a recent online poker bracelet event.

On October 3, 2023, Mike “BrockLesnar” Holtz posted on Twitter/X that Battenfield used Real Time Assistance (RTA) to win the online $2,000 bracelet event hosted on in New Jersey and Nevada.

Holtz used GTOWizard Fair Play Check, a poker training tool enabling poker players to analyze hand histories in seconds and make the most lucrative decisions, to identify five spots where Battenfield may have used RTA. He revealed his findings to, which temporarily suspended Battefield’s account pending investigation. Clears Battenfield worked with GTOWizard to prove he did not use RTA to win the bracelet event. Convinced that Battenfield did not cheat, revoked the ban on his account on Oct 17, 2023.

The incident shows that GTOWizard Fair Play Check may not be the ideal tool to identify cheaters in poker tournaments. The tool responds to users’ queries about whether a particular hand was solved during a time frame.

Users have to enter the board they want to analyze and the time of play. The tool displays a positive if the board was solved within the given time. The result indicates that their opponents may have used RTA to play the hand.

However, the result does not reveal the identity of the player who may have been using RTA at the time, which means that GTOWizard and the operators have to investigate further to determine whether the player was really cheating.

GTOWizard Fair Play May Fail to Identify Cheaters

Although GTOWizard recently updated its Fair Play tool to minimize false positives, the tool is still not good at identifying cheaters. Although it indicates that someone may have used RTA, it continues to have problems with false positives.

As US poker pro Matt Berkey puts it in the Solve for Why podcast, one cannot know how many people are actively using GTOWizard at a given time. Also, one cannot know the tool’s false positives rate before and after the update, which makes it unreliable.

Discussions about the tool also reveal problems related to cheating accusations and how operators investigate them, especially considering the disconnect existing between operators and players.

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