US Legalization of Online Poker One Step Closer July 5, 2018 Adrian Sterne

US Legalization of Online Poker One Step Closer

 Poker News February 27, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

US Legalization of Online Poker One Step CloserAnyone following the possible legalization of online poker in the US will be fully aware that Nevada are making huge inroads in regards to the infrastructure required to permit players to log on and play poker online, however this is taking quite a long time as regulators and all interested parties are ironing out what is required to be put in place before possibly giving the green light to online poker sites.

Nevada who are, as is to be expected, taking a lead in this have introduced some legislation on this and one piece of legislation which is worth taking a closer look at is document AB114. Nevada have stated clearly that they are hoping that they can remove the current Federal Governments so far negative response to allowing them to permit legalized online poker sites, and this will it is hoped, result in the Governor of Nevada to be able to discuss a set of interstate online poker licensing possibilities.

There are of course a lot of hurdles to jump, and one of which will be the actual licensing fee the state will impose on such poker sites, whilst one major part of allowing any online poker site operator to be granted such a license will be whether they acted in regards to the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and whether the operators of such sites acted in accordance with this Act and as such banned US players from playing at their particular site or sites.

The idea is to not permit any poker site that permitted US based players to access their sites once this legislation was written into law, and therefore allow operators who followed and respected this legislation to benefit from their actions by hopefully allowing them, once due diligence has of course been performed on the operator and the software used to power their poker site to be granted such a license.

There is of course still a long way to go in regards to any legalization of online poker in the US but thanks to the way in way Nevada are looking into the possibilities and attempting to clear the way by having a robust set of rules which will stand up to the closest of scrutiny we feel it won’t be long before US players are playing poker online at Nevada approved and licensed online poker sites.

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