Tusk Poker – Time to Make Your Claim

Last Updated on May 27, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

MicrogamingIf you have been affected by the sudden closure several years back of the Tusk Poker site, then now is the time to get your claim forms sent in to retrieve any funds you had in this now defunct online poker site.

It is almost five years ago now that the Tusk group closed both their online casino and online poker sites overnight, leaving thousands of players without any form of access to their funds. This was a Microgaming software powered company as it is believed they had their license to operate yanked by Microgaming over unpaid fees and commissions.

This led to players at the time hoping that Microgaming would make good their losses, however Microgaming decided not to do anything of the sort and left the matter in the hands of the Liquidators of the company who have now been suggesting that players who had money tied up in the Tusk casino or poker site may see as little as 13 to 16 Cents in the Dollar returned once the liquidation and known number of outstanding creditors is known.

Having spent quite a while going over the assets of the Tusk group including cash in bank accounts and the sale of certain assets just over $1m has been made available to pay creditors which of course include players with funds tied up in the casino and poker site.

Should you be owned money by any of the Tusk gaming sites then you are required to visit the PPB Advisory website and fill in the claim form, you will of course be required to submit proof of your claim and this will probably entail you sending the liquidator screen shots, account numbers and any financial paper trail documents that prove you are owned money.

Whilst no one will be happy at the paltry amount that is probably going to be repaid to creditors of the company, more so players, at least these creditors are going to get something back, which is unusual with some online gambling sites who go bust as many of them simply vanish never to be heard of again with players funds.

This is why you really should be on your guard when choosing a poker or casino site at which to play and by sticking to those MAC Poker sites owned and operated by land based gaming companies you are not likely to be put in a situation that many Tusk customers were, so be very choosy where you choose to gamble online!

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