Simple Poker Releases “Simple GTO Trainer” To Help Players

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simple pokerGame Theory Optimal poker or more commonly known as “GTO Poker” has become increasingly popular among the poker community nowadays as it plays an integral role in the development of poker strategy which ultimately leads to better results and higher win rate.

GTO was initially adopted by the more advanced poker pros, most of whom are high-stakes players.

However today, the optimal strategy is slowly making its way to players of different levels, mainly thanks to a number of online training sites that have managed to come up with GTO learning tools, where concepts are explained more comprehensively, making it more accessible to beginners while also providing a basic working tool for the regulars.

GTO Learning Made Simple

One of those sites is Simple Poker, the creator of “Simple GTO Trainer“, a GTO strategy software that comes with a user-friendly interface, alongside advanced lessons that are based on calculated solutions. Simple GTO Poker was launched in 2017, and created a mark as the first ever poker strategy program to enable players to compete against a GTO AI. The tool has since become a hit among players, regardless of experience and skill levels.

GTO strategy shields you from being exploited by your opponents during sessions by incorporating balanced ranges and mixed strategy approaches. The Simple GTO Trainer enables players to improve their play by exposing them to various modes and training drills, and allowing them to practice and learn as they go.

Simple Poker


As you play, the software will provide hand by hand feedback, analyzes your actions, and provides a detailed report in each training session in real time, allowing you to monitor your performance and spot your own errors, and thereby enabling you to plug the leaks and avoid making similar mistakes during your future sessions.

When you practice on a regular basis using the Simple GTO Trainer, you will be able to master the game based on optimal strategies and during the whole process, you will gradually minimize your mistakes. The software is run by the SimplePostfop engine, which is currently the world’s most efficient and powerful GTO solver.

Start Your GTO Training Now

To get started, you may purchase a number of available training packs that cover a wide range of poker formats, such as cash games, 6-max, MTTs, heads-up cash, and Spin & Gos, most of which were compiled by game theory experts and poker pros. Training’s come in two formats – Regular and Drill, which will ultimately help you take your game to a whole new level.

For more information regarding Simple GTO Trainer, do check out the official website.

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