Poker Players Are Using ‘Solvers’ To Help Improve Their Game February 15, 2019 Adrian Sterne

Poker Players Are Using ‘Solvers’ To Help Improve Their Game

 Players February 15, 2019 by  Adrian Sterne

poker solversFor the poker community, solvers are a familiar thing.

The more experienced poker players constantly bring up solvers whenever they discuss strategy and always tend to refer to poker solvers when they talk about the things that allow them to improve their games.

Solvers are software programs that provide users with the game theory optimal (GTO) solutions to various poker situations. Players provide a specific scenario, particularly a problem, for the program to provide a solution for them, which they use should they encounter such scenario. These players usually input scenarios that have happened to them in the past or are more likely to come out in one of their games.



These programs are not really “solvers” per se. One limitation of solvers is that they are not really able to solve no-limit hold-em entirely. They are, however, able to provide solutions for players to study and take note so that they would be prepared in their next few games.

Poker Pros Share Their Views On Solvers

Poker pro Kevin Martin knows a thing or two about using solvers and has these words of advice for new players. He says new players should not look to use solvers to win as it would be pointless to learn and understand them without studying the fundamentals first. He put out some great advice via his social media regarding newbies using solvers. His advice for new players is focus on learning the basics and building a strong foundation before jumping into solvers.

However, if you are a seasoned poker player or someone looking to make the move to high stakes poker, then you might want to check out some poker solvers. Female poker pro Maria Konnikova has said that solvers has helped her in her professional career. She notes the importance of solvers when comes down to having strong strategies ready to implement at the table.

For her, solvers improve her understanding of the game. Konnikova says she does not use solvers to go out and implement the same moves but uses it to expand her thinking and let it serve as a guide on what to do when she gets stuck on similar situations. She also believes that solvers help her in spotting bluffs and knowing when to bluff as well as execute them much more confidently.

Are Solvers Good or Bad?

There is a heated debate with the use of solvers whether it is to provide solutions on a GTO setup or not. Some have argued that solvers are used to exploit the various moves that would arise and make the game much more predictable and easier for players especially when they can already predict the weaknesses of their opponents and use them to their advantage.

Like everything else in life, the debate as to whether solvers are good for the game or not, continues to be discussed!

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