Poker Licensing Authorities Join Forces

Last Updated on October 31, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Alderney Gambling Control Commission and Malta Lotteries and Gaming AuthorityIn what has seemed to be something of an unusual step, two of the world’s leading online poker and online gambling licensing authorities have joined forces in regards to the way they will impose a code of conduct and a set of best practices to all online gambling sites licensed by each authority.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority have chosen to sign and put into place a memorandum of understanding, and as such they will combine their years of experience in licensing and regulating all types of online gambling sites so they can keep ahead in regards to how they ensure their licensed sites operate.

There are many different aspects that any licensing authority will look at when an online poker or online gambling sites applies for a gaming license, and as such this has often led to some licensing authorities having a completely different set of standards.

You will find that some licensing authorities do not really regulate their license holders as robustly as some other authorities and this is probably what has led the LGA and AGCC to join forces, so they have both a similar set of standards, practices and can guarantee that anyone playing poker or gambling at a site they license respectively can be assured of the very highest industry standards.

Many observers are commenting that the reason these two authorities have chosen now as the time they combine their resources is due to both the UK and the US both renewing and updating and putting into force a new set of licensing requirements and as such both of these two regulatory boards risk being left out in the cold.

Malta have always had something of a bad reputation when it comes to offering players a channel in which they can seek help should they have a problem with one of their licensed poker or gambling sites, whilst Alderney are in no way a large licensing authority and have made some mistakes in the past in regards to certain poker sites that once held one of their licenses.

In the coming months and years we are likely to see the way many online poker and online gambling related websites are licensed and regulated changing of many countries now require such sites to hold a license if they wish to offer these kinds of sites to citizens of their respective country.

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