Phil Galfond’s New YouTube Channel Gets 2.5k Subscribers In 48 Hrs

Last Updated on September 28, 2021 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Phil GalfondPhil Galfond announced on Sep 16 that he had launched a new YouTube channel. Galfond also shared his struggle in making the decision to launch his YouTube channel with his 114,000 followers on Twitter.

Galfond said that he thought about going on YouTube in the past but did not do it because he wasn’t very confident of being able to run a successful YouTube channel. To run a successful YouTube channel like many other popular poker Vloggers, one has to post quality content on a regular basis.

Galfond felt he did not have sufficient time to do so as he was running two business ventures, playing poker, taking part in the Galfond challenge and looking after his family. While time was definitely one of his biggest constraints, he also recognized that he was battling a fear of failure moment as he did not want to get into YouTube and fail.

He credits 2021 to helping him have an aha! moment and pushing him to make the decision to get into YouTube. Galfond said that he has been through some tough times in 2021 on a personal level that made him confront his fears and ask the question – so what if I fail at YouTube!

Once he accepted that he would be comfortable with the idea of failing, he decided to address his fears by taking action and launching his ‘Phil Galfond’ YouTube channel on Sep 16.

Good Response So Far

The first video that Galfond posted got a great response as there are over 6,700 views in a matter of three days. The first video goes into detail on how Galfond addresses downswings in poker. The 23 minute long video gives viewers great insight into the mind of one of the most respected poker players in the game today.


Galfond who has close to $3M in live poker winnings uses quotes from Winston Churchill to tell viewers how he motivates himself and picks himself up when things are not going well for him at the poker table. The video has already received over 100 comments and has nearly 2,500 subscribers at the time of this writing. All of the comments so far have been positive and thanked Galfond for being so open and transparent.

Galfond says his plan as of now is to release one video each week that covers poker coaching and tips from him as well as other players

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