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Paddy Power PokerIf you are the type of poker player who loves nothing better than taking part in Sit n Go poker tournaments as opposed to playing cash table poker games when you are playing poker online, then you will be very interested to learn of the new Paddy Power Site n Go Poker tournament playing format that could see you picking up for yourself some very large winning payouts for a small modest set of entry fees!

Let us explain in a little more detail just how these new Paddy Power Poker Sit n Go tournaments work as you will soon get the hang of them and when you see what is on offer we can guarantee that you will want to give them a try, as you never know if you can keep on winning these tournaments then there are some great cash prizes to be won.

The Sit n Go tournaments are multi stage tournaments, you can start to play at the first level and then when you win just one of these Sit n Go tournaments which are running 24 hours a day you can then opt to move up to the next level.

The Paddy Power Poker sites Sit n Go tournaments use what are known as Flex Tokens and these are awarded to winning players and are what are used to progress through each levels of the tournaments.

There are seven different levels of the Sit n Go tournaments and as such when you start at the first level you will be paying a small and very modest entry fee of just 0.15, the first and second placed finishers in this first level tournament then win a token allowing them to progress through to the second level.

Each level awards a token to those players finishing in the highest positions in the tournament and if you win a token at the sixth level then you are given access to the final stage of these tournaments and this is the seventh level where the prizes on offer are a prize pool of 500.00 of which 215.00 is given away to the first place finisher in this final stage of the Sit n Go tournament!

Take a look over at the Paddy Power Poker site where you will find full details of this newly structured set of Sit n Go Tournaments that may be of interest to you!

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